WALSH: This Transgender Person Allegedly Raped A Girl In A Bathroom. Leftists Still Want Men In The Women's Room.


As The Daily Wire reported yesterday, a "transgender" man is on trial after allegedly raping a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom. Miguel Martinez, who claims to be a woman named "Michelle," allegedly lured the girl into the bathroom where he then allegedly brutally accosted and raped her. The details of the alleged assault are sickening. I won't get into them here. I will note, however, that many media outlets have made sure to follow the LGBT lobby's guidelines and refer to Miguel as a "woman" and a "she." Even though he is allegedly a despicable, disgusting child rapist, they still wouldn't want to hurt his feelings by using a pronoun he doesn't like.

The Left told us that we need not worry about this kind of thing. It never happens. "Transgenders" are a gentle bunch and are only trying to force themselves into women's bathrooms and locker rooms for peaceful reasons, they claimed. Of course we knew those claims were nonsense even before this horrific crime. There have been dozens of cases of "transgender" people, or people claiming to be "transgender," assaulting women in bathrooms or other female-only spaces. But the Left finds a way to write these off. It never happens — except that one time. And that other time. And that other time. And that time, too. And that time. And that time. And also that time. And those other 12 times. But besides that — never.

I've already seen some proponents of bathroom desegregation dismiss this story on the basis that it was not a public bathroom and the rapist knew the victim. But why does that matter? Public or private, the point is very simple: our daughters would clearly be in grave danger if this man walked into a bathroom with them. The Left thinks he ought to have that right. Sane people who care about the safety of women and girls think otherwise.

Another important point is underscored by this incident. The problem with opening up women's bathrooms and locker rooms to "transgenders" is not just that regular men may pretend to be "transgender" in order to access these areas. For one thing, anyone claiming to be "transgender" is pretending. "Transgenderism" is not real. For another, even the true "transgenders" (if such a thing can be said to exist) are a danger to girls. In fact I would argue that they are the greater danger because they are by definition mentally ill. It's a very odd thing to say that we want only those who are authentically disturbed to share bathrooms with our daughters. I don't quite understand that mindset.

Those on the Left must decide what is most important to them. Do they want to protect women and preserve their privacy or do they want to bow at the LGBT altar and give those who claim a letter in that ever expanding acronym whatever they want, even if it puts women in a vulnerable and unsafe position? You cannot do both. You cannot tell us that your top priority is to defeat "rape culture" and your other top priority is transgender acceptance. The two agendas are in direct contradiction.

This combination of sentences makes no sense:

"There is a rape epidemic and we must do something to stop it. Also, men should be able to go in the women's bathroom. Oh, and girls should go camping with Boy Scouts."

Which is it? Are we stopping rape or inviting men into the bathroom with girls? You choose, Leftists. It appears you already have. Shame on you all.


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