‘Are You Gay Allies?’: Creepy Government Video Indoctrinates Children for Pride Month

source: http://www.faithwire.com/2018/06/05/are-you-gay-allies-creepy-government-video-indoctrinates-children-for-pride-month/

Image: screenshot CBC

A video produced by CBC Life, a vertical on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s website, has caused controversy after using children to promote gay pride month.

“Happy pride everybody!” Canadian television host Jessi Cruickshank begins, while being met by a throng of cheers from the impressionable young children who took part in the video celebrating gay pride month.


After asking the kids if they know what gay pride means, she says “that’s absolutely right, it’s a celebration of sexual diversity,” before explaining that she is a “I’m not gay, but I’m a gay ally.” Cruickshank then puts the children on the spot and asks them if they, too, are gay allies.


“Are you gay allies?”


“Definitely!” the children respond. Cruickshank then goes on to ask the children a series of questions, including if they know what it means to come out of the closet and what their views on gay marriage are.


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