WALSH: The Radical LGBT Mob Is Determined To Punish Jack Phillips For His Faith

source: https://www.dailywire.com/news/34543/walsh-radical-lgbt-mob-determined-punish-jack-matt-walsh

As The Daily Wire reported earlier today, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission is targeting Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop yet again. The Commission was rhetorically smacked by the Supreme Court for their treatment of Phillips during the gay wedding cake debacle, and now they are back at it.

This time, a man named Autumn Scardina called the bakery and asked for a cake celebrating his "transition" into a woman. Phillips politely declined, citing his religious conviction that sex is unchangeable. I should add that this is not just a religious conviction. It is also the conviction of science and reality and all sane people everywhere. Over the course of the following several months, the cakeshop received calls asking for cakes celebrating drug use, Satanism, and other depraved and vulgar things. Phillips believes that Scardina was responsible for all of these calls.

There isn't an even halfway believable pretense of "rights" being violated this time. Before they could accuse Phillips of making wedding cakes only for straight people — which was misleading and irrelevant — but even that claim isn't valid here. It's not like Phillips has ever made a cake to celebrate someone remaining the same gender. There is no opposite kind of cake that Phillips sells. Whether you are becoming a woman or becoming a man or becoming a werewolf or sticking with your biological identity, Phillips will not be providing a cake to celebrate it.

Scardina can't claim that he's been emotionally traumatized, either. It is self-evident that he was laying a trap for Phillips, hoping to furnish himself with an opportunity to sue. It was targeted. The gay couple targeted Phillips, too, but not quite as obviously. And what the hell is a gender transition cake anyway? Is that even a thing? Would the most progressive bakery on Earth have something like that in its repertoire? He may as well have asked for an abortion cake. It's the kind of cake you request if you want your request to be denied.

So, there is no hiding the real objective this time around. It is anti-Christian bigotry, plain and simple. It always was. All of these cases — the attacks on Christian bakers and florists and photographers, etc. — are, and always have been, acts of vengeance against Christians. Nothing more. The LGBT mob wants Jack's head on a platter, and they will keep coming after him until they get it.

Perhaps they'll soon ask Phillips to literally put his own head on a cake, and then sue when he politely declines to behead himself. I'm sure the Civil Right Commission would find plenty of "probable cause" in that case as well.