ALA endorses reading sessions hosted by drag queens

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Drag queen at NY library

A program that goes by the name of "Drag Queen Story Hour" is being introduced into the nation's public education system this year, purportedly to expose students to "positive queer role models."

Up until now, drag queens reading children's books to youngsters has been restricted primarily to public libraries. But now some schools are welcoming these LGBT activists, decked in garish costumes, into the classroom – the target demographic reported to be pre-school to eight-year-olds. On the reading list? Books like Jacob's New Dress (by Sarah and Ian Hoffman) and Red: A Crayon's Story (by Michael Hall).

Linda Harvey of Mission: America says the fact the program has the backing of an important national organization is disturbing.

"Even the American Library Association is now coming out with their Intellectual Freedom Committee saying that these 'Drag Queen Story Hours' would be a wonderful thing in your schools," she laments, adding that unless parents decide to bring it to a stop "it's not just going to be [happening in] community libraries and public libraries."

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America)Proponents of this program promote it by arguing that "... it gives kids glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models." Not so, says Harvey: it's child abuse.

"And I believe it would be [child abuse] to a majority of parents as well," she tells OneNewsNow, "because what you are doing is introducing destabilizing ideas where boundaries that keep children feeling very secure are smashed."