"Transgender summer camp" for kids celebrated on front page of Boston Globe.



 "If you disagree, you're supporting suicide," say activists. MassResistance fights back on radio, national TV.

NOTE: Some of this may be disturbing.

The relentless campaign to promote and normalize homosexuality -- and now cross-dressing and transgenderism -- for children is gaining speed in the media. These are things that are really happening. They are at the same time frightening and heartbreaking to watch and read about.

On Sunday, Sept. 2, the Boston Globe featured a front-page article about a "groundbreaking" summer camp in Connecticut for "transgender" and cross-dressing children. According to the article, several of these children are being given drugs to delay their puberty so that they can have "successful" sex-change surgery. Some girls have already had their breasts surgically removed, and some have been taking male hormones to help grow facial hair, etc., according to the article. It's all presented as completely normal.  . . .    read full story