LGBT double-talk on 'change'


source: http://www.wnd.com/2012/12/lgbt-double-talk-on-change/ 

by Linda Harvey
Linda Harvey is president of Mission America and hosts a talk show on Salem affiliate WRFD in Columbus, Ohio.

“The ‘Dr. Oz Show’ provided a platform to a fringe organization promoting dangerous and harmful practices that every major health, mental health and education organization has consistently repudiated as harmful to youth. As we have since 1998, GLSEN and our partners in the Just the Facts Coalition will continue to hold the line against dangerous misinformation that threatens the well-being of youth.”

You might want to look more closely, Eliza, at the information presented by your own “fringe” organization. From the 2008 Prideworks conference, here’s a section of one of the handouts, still available online, discussing the Klein scale of sexual attraction:

“Klein’s research and the experience of many people indicates that sexual identity can be fluid (at least for some people), and can change from one period of a person’s life to another. A person’s identity may move to a new position on the continuum; that is,

“a heterosexual may change to a bisexual or homosexual identity;

“a bisexual may change to a homosexual or heterosexual identity;

a homosexual may change to a bisexual or heterosexual identity.”(Emphasis added)

Then there’s the GLSEN-backed manual, “Tackling Gay Issues in School,” in use since 1999. Page 45, in a lesson plan for high schoolers and older, says:

“In dealing with sexuality, it is important to realize that orientation, behavior and identity are all separate entities and will overlap in different ways for each person. Orientation, behavior and identity may also be fluid over time.”

So then, what’s the problem with changing from homosexual to heterosexual? Doesn’t sound here as though they believe it’s harmful at all.

On pages 46-47, the infamous Kinsey Scale for sexuality is the subject of a lesson plan for high schoolers and up. The scale, devised by the much-discredited Alfred Kinsey, has participants place themselves on a range of 0 through 6 as to their degree of exclusively heterosexual feelings and behavior (0), exclusively homosexual (6), or anything in between.

Part of this lesson is the wild Kinsey claim that only 50 percent of the population are at “0″ – that is, exclusively heterosexual. Also reported to the students in this lesson are statements like, “60 percent of all men had some type of homosexual relationship before age 16.”

If GLSEN and other leftist groups advising youth buy this, then they believe that sexually fluid feelings are a fact of life for half the population. Why would they condemn change therapy?

GLSEN is confused as always. The reality is that counseling a young person to move away from homosexuality to heterosexuality is the right thing to do. It’s reflects sound socialization and the chance for a much healthier, stable life. It’s also consistent, not coincidentally, with God’s design of the human body.

Moved with concern about what was taking place in those workshops, several brave women have taken up posts outside the Prideworks event each year to hand out brochures, compassionately offering a different message. Jeanne, who’s a mother, grandmother and a nurse, along with several friends, distributes information about change, including the testimonies of ex-homosexuals.

This year, Jeanne and four friends tried to reach some of the kids as they were dropped off in school busses for the day, although most are hustled into the building, bypassing the alternate message. This year, there was planned opposition. Four protesters dressed in rainbow colors held a banner with the word, “Love,” apparently implying that the signs held by Jeanne’s group, “Change is Possible,” and “Jesus Changed My Life,” were unloving. How upside down this is!

I wonder if others in that community feel as Jeanne does. She wrote to me: “One thing upset me so much – to see a bus filled with middle school aged children, knowing what goes on inside those walls, like the keynote speaker who is homosexual, a cross-dresser and whose rants on YouTube mock God and believers – how is this allowed?”

I share Jeanne’s frustration. We must do everything we can to expose this corruption of children, even as those involved lie about it, even if it’s now government-supported.