Psychiatry’s New Normal: ‘Transgendered’ Persons

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The American Psychiatric Association drops ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ from its official classification of mental illnesses, as the drive for acceptance of sex-reassignment surgery advances.

BOSTON — The term “gender identity disorder” has been eliminated from the new edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s official guide to classifying mental illnesses, known as the DSM-5.

Whereas previously a man who “self-identified” as a woman (or vice versa) could have been classified as mentally ill, now the DSM-5 uses the term “gender dysphoria,” which means it is only a mental illness if you’re troubled by this self-identification. Elated activists in the “LGBT” community had lobbied the APA for the change for years.

And this month in Massachusetts, students, parents and teachers are reacting with concern to a recent policy document from state Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester stating that public schools should allow students to choose which bathrooms and locker rooms they use on the basis of their “gender self-identification,” not their anatomy.

The move follows on the heels of a federal judge’s order last September that Massachusetts provide a “sex change” operation to a male prison inmate.

The United Nations, too, weighed in on the issue recently, when a General Assembly anti-discrimination resolution included “gender identity” on the same level as race, creed, religion and sexual orientation.

But the Catholic Church continues to hold up a very different understanding of the permanence of an individual’s biological sexual identity.