Cardinal Newman Society News and Notes

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Cardinal Newman Society

Dear friends,

Have you seen the Vatican’s response to the other canon law petition?

I don’t mean William Peter Blatty’s ongoing petition to consider Georgetown’s Catholic identity—which was a topic of the Cardinal Newman Society’s lecture at Georgetown University this week.

But last year, a similar canon law petition was quietly filed by University of San Diego alumni, and Newman Society staff have been advising the alumni and praying for a good result. Now the alumni have released a letter, in which theVatican Congregation for Catholic Education refers to last year’s USD “drag show” as a “scandal” and promises communication with the Diocese of San Diego… even as USD prepares for its third annual drag show!

Faithful Catholics know that drag shows are scandalous, but now the Vatican has said it plainly. The USD alumni who filed the canon law petition have done a great service, as homosexual-themed events are multiplying on Catholic campuses.

But there’s more! See our exclusive interview with Bishop David Ricken on faithful Catholic education, Wyoming Catholic College (which he co-founded), and the Common Core.  (There’s more about Common Core and our concerns inOur Sunday Visitor.)

Also see our God’s Not Dead-inspired interview about campus hostility toward Christians… something that Dr. Kenneth Howell experienced firsthand. But at least our Newman Guide colleges won’t give in to secularist bullies: on the HHS mandate, Wyoming Catholic College received a temporary stay, and other lawsuits are moving forward after the Supreme Court denied early review.

Yours in Christ,

Adam Wilson
Director of Communications