Told You So!

source: http://defendchristians.org/news/told-you-so/

Told you so!

California is on the cutting edge of liberal morality, but the federal government is not far behind.

Just this month, a California male high school teacher returned as a woman from spring break. 56 year-old married father, Gary Sconce, has been a teacher at the rural Yosemite High School for 24 years. But after a letter was sent to the parents, he returned from the break as “Karen Adell Scot.”

In the letter, Sconce called himself a “false, phony male” and argued that he is a female inside. Since last April he has been undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

Many within this small town are upset over this bizarre behavior. But the school district has told the parents that California law mandates that the school not discriminate against Sconce based on his gender identity.


This sort of behavior is no longer limited to the west coast state. In the US Senate, a bill was recently passed that once again threatens the religious liberty of all Christians. ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, stops “workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.” Radical homosexuals have demanded this bill.

ENDA opens the door to bizarre behavior. Will you send your elementary age kids to a class with a cross-dressing teacher? This bill would stop schools from barring this behavior. Will our wives and daughters share a bathroom with a crossdressing male? Or our husbands and sons a crossdressing female?

Why are political leaders giving in to selfish adults with emotional issues, and not thinking about the innocent children? Children shouldn’t be the victims of these misguided adults’ desire to live publicly a queer lifestyle.

Not only that, but religious business and organizations are at risk too. ENDA provides no opt-out for religious hospitals, educational institutions and businesses that don’t want to hire people who live contrary to the groups Christian beliefs.

With ENDA the Obama administration continues its unrelenting attacks on our Christian liberties. Lesbian Chai Feldblum, the bill’s author, sits on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. When asked what would happen between religious liberties and homosexual "rights", she said it is simply a matter of “Gays win; Christians lose.”


The bill is now in the House of Representatives. Contact your Congressman today and ask whether they want their children and grandchildren to be taught by a cross-dressing teacher? Demand that they stop this foolish bill. Click here to find your Congressmen's contact information.