The Program & Description of Events

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Page 1 (cover)

 - Shows the logo of the drag show's two apparent main sponsors, the Associated Students and something called "Changemaker Hub." The term "changemaker" was mentioned several times during last night's show, including by Evelyn Kirkley when she came onstage at the end to give out awards for the top three drag performances. What is a changemaker? According to the website at www.sandiego.edu/changemaker/the-changemaker/, "The Changemaker Hub was launched Fall 2011 as a campus-wide manifestation of the University of San Diego’s commitment to its mission and values, and to promote entrepreneurship, collaboration, and innovation for positive social change by linking occurring initiatives at USD, as well as developing new ones. " I surmise that the drag show was designed to effect "social change" by moving USD further away from traditional Catholic values and toward secular, pro-homosexual values.

- The bottom of the cover page states that the drag show is "A Changemaker Event" (so it's official!) produced in collaboration with Torero Program board.

Page 2

- Top half contains definitions of several gender- and transsexuality-related terms. Before the show started, as people were coming into Shiley Theatre and taking their seats, these terms were continually displayed on a large screen onstage.

- Bottom half lists Campus Resources. Note that the list includes two on-campus pro-homosexual clubs, PRIDE and Rainbow Educators.

- Campus Resources list also includes University Ministry, followed by the name Michael Lovette-Colyer. Lovette-Colyer is assistant vice president and director of University Ministry (presumably reporting directly to vice president of mission and ministry Msgr. Daniel Dillabough), and a lecturer in USD's theology and religious studies department who currently teaches Introduction to Catholic Theology (see https://www.myedu.com/USD-University-of-San-Diego/Lovette-Colyer-Michael/professor/7290769/). In March 2011, Lovette-Colyer participated in a panel discussion on Creating an Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ Students (see attached flier). He is married to Erin Lovette-Colyer, who heads USD's Women's Center, also listed as a campus resource on the drag show program. (See also http://www.sandiego.edu/cas/theo/faculty/biography.php?ID=1227, http://www.sandiego.edu/publications/usdmag/spring-2011/around-the-park/mass-and-masculinity/ , and http://www.sandiego.edu/soles/directory/biography.php?_focus=1292

Page 3

- This page lists the order of appearance of the various drag show performers and speakers. Further details and analysis to follow.

 Page 4

- This page contains thanks and acknowledgements of various administrators, judges, campus partners, and donors. 

- Among administrators listed are student affairs vice president Carmen Vazquez, university relations vice president Timothy O'Malley, and the aforementioned Michael Lovette-Colyer.

      It was Vazquez who, in response to public outrage over last year's drag show, wrote a letter stating that the "show will be a combination of informative dialogue, campus resource offerings at information tables, and playful lip-synch performances designed both to raise awareness and understanding of the complex issues surrounding gender identity and expression, and to underscore the importance of mutual respect and the dignity of each individual," and that "The show as scheduled violates neither the university’s mission nor any university policies. The Celebration of Gender Expression supports the Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person and does not promote either behavior or lifestyle that is contrary to the teachings of the Church." (See http://cal-catholic.com/wordpress/2013/04/22/university-of-san-diego-hosts-2nd-drag-show/.)

   This year, it was O'Malley who dismissed concerns about the conflict between Church teaching and drag shows, telling the San Diego Union-Tribune, “. . . the law of the church is silent on cross dressing. There [is] no evidence that cross dressing is inherently homosexual.” (See http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/apr/09/usd-drag-show-goes-on-despite-vatican-appeal/.)


- Donors included Urban Mo's, part of Mo's Universe, a group of gay restaurants and bars in Hillcrest. (See http://www.mosuniverse.com/about).