The Danger of "Gender": The shaking up of sexual identity is a prelude for totalitarian ideologies.

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"Male and female He created them." (Genesis 1:27)
Avvenire [daily of the Italian Bishops' Conference]
An interview by Luciano Moia
February 28, 2015

“The shaking up of sexual identity is a prelude for totalitarian ideologies.”
Monsignor Tony Anatrella

“A cultural shift, sustained by an intellectual lobby and very powerful politics, which risks sapping the roots of the very foundations of Western civilization. Opposing and fighting it should be the task of all people of good will.”

This is what Monsignor Tony Anatrella sustains, a French priest and psychoanalyst, one of the greatest scholars in the world on the “gender-risk” and author of many essays on the same theme.

Yesterday evening at the Cultural Center in Milan, he presented two of them, the latest translated into Italian –Gender Theory and The Origins of Homosexuality and The Reign of Narcissus, both published by San Paolo.


Q. More than once you stated that behind the origins of “gender” there is a great lie: the assertion that sexual identity can be changed according to one’s liking, along the lines of an imaginary perspective that doesn’t take into account biological facts. Why is it dangerous to encourage such a conviction?

A. Because there is the risk of creating conditions of widespread immaturity in society. And if society is “made infantile” it will encounter inevitable degeneration and disintegrate. Consequently, living together in society would become more difficult for everyone. We deceive ourselves [into thinking] we’re building freedom but instead we‘re opening the way to totalitarianism.

Q. A grim picture. Could “gender” really trigger off such collective barbarization?

A. Without question. If we claim that we’re building society on the basis of the most rudimentary impulses, without taking into account masculine and feminine sexual differences, then we’re building an ideology completely disconnected from reality. And the damages caused by the ideologies throughout the history of man are well-known.

Q. You explained that this perverse thought, originating in Western countries, is also contaminating Asia and Africa. What, concretely, are the problems that could develop from the diffusion of these theories?