What Parents Of Transgender Kids Need To Know

source: http://thefederalist.com/2015/01/09/heres-what-parents-of-transgender-kids-need-to-know/

Walt Heyer


As a former child transgender, my heart goes out to parents whose boy says, “I’m a girl” or whose girl who says, “I’m a boy.” The medical diagnosis is gender dysphoria—distress that comes from feeling one’s physical gender doesn’t match one’s internal perception. A flood of questions come with the revelation: What causes it? What treatment will help? What should parents do or not do?

First, do not panic. Studies are showing that kids are not born with this disorder. A2014 study shows no specific chromosome aberration associated with MtF (male to female) transsexualism. A 2013 study looking for molecular mutations in the genes involved in sexual differentiation found none. Your child was not born in the wrong body.  read more