News After the 2015 Drag Queen Show


Just After New Bishop Installed . . . U Of San Diego Stages Its Annual “Superstar” Drag Show

source: http://thewandererpress.com/frontpage/just-after-new-bishop-installed-u-of-san-diego-stages-its-annual-superstar-drag-show/

Courtesy seemed to be lacking when the University of San Diego, a Catholic school, staged its fourth annual “drag show” celebrating “gender expression” the very day after Bishop Robert McElroy was installed as the new head of the Diocese of San Diego.
At the least, university leadership could have spared McElroy the embarrassment of having this hot potato thrust onto his plate with the raunchy performance on April 16, during the Easter season, one day after he took formal control of the diocese on April 15.
Or, leading up to the drag show’s scheduled date, McElroy could have taken the initiative to pass the word to university administrators that as the incoming head of the diocese, he’d consider it a definite favor from them, if not a downright duty on their part, to spare him this defiant homosexual advocacy on the Catholic campus scheduled right after his installation.
In the unlikely event that McElroy, previously an auxiliary bishop in San Francisco, was unaware that the fourth annual event was on the calendar, San Diego diocesan officials surely would have made him aware

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