source: http://www.wnd.com/2015/11/fake-females-and-their-tax-supported-hormone-shots/

When we females are searching for “women’s health care,” don’t forget that Planned Parenthood can administer your hormone injection if you are a female transitioning to a male.

Or even if you are a male trying to become a female. Isn’t it great that taxpayers are paying over $500 million annually to have such essential services available at Planned Parenthood?

Without access to hormone injections, what would women do? Or wannabe women? Or wannabe men? Is your head spinning yet?

Now, this vital service is not provided at all Planned Parenthood locations – just 26 of them, mostly in California, New England and “progressive” cities. But in view of the strengthening coalition between abortion defenders and “LGBTQ” identifiers, it’s sure to expand and certainly a service feminists will want to preserve.

Except for maybe Germaine Greer, feminist icon, who has broken ranks a bit. She believes transgender women are not real women and that cutting off one’s genitals for the purpose of alleged transformation is an act of violence. Even though she utters feminoblasphemy, she’s absolutely right.

Greer is being disinvited to university lectures and is in danger of being drummed out of feminist circles, primarily because she has a grasp on reality. Younger feminists are big supporters of all the “LGBTQ” behaviors, including fake women. These youngsters are eager to show solidarity with a diversity of people and their identities – except, of course, for conservative, pro-life women, who merit vulgar expletives and face-spitting if they publicly defend tiny preborn girls.

The “sisterhood” has its sorority rush program, and conservatives are always black-balled. Selma would be proud.

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