Former Transgender Woman Blasts Saint Louis Univ. for Hosting Transgender Activist

source: http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/CatholicEducationDaily/DetailsPage/tabid/102/ArticleID/4467/Former-Transgender-Woman-Blasts-Saint-Louis-Univ-for-Hosting-Transgender-Activist.aspx

In an interview with The Cardinal Newman Society, author, speaker and former transgender woman Walt Heyer was highly critical of Saint Louis University for agreeing to host transgender activist Laverne Cox, a man who lives as a woman, Monday night to discuss understanding “womanhood with a modern perspective” despite the Catholic Church’s teaching on human sexuality and gender identity.

“Transgender activists should not be allowed to encourage students toward apostasy in the teaching environment of a Catholic university,” Heyer told the Newman Society.

Heyer, who spent eight years as a woman after “sex change” surgery, currently works to raise awareness for those who regret their transgender surgeries and the resulting physical and psychological harm.

In some cases, it could be acceptable to host a transgender activist to speak, “but only if it is balanced with a well-informed psychiatric doctor with the opposing view on the stage,” Heyer told the Newman Society. This should be someone who has studied and published sound research in the opposing view and understands Catholic teaching on the matter.

Exposing students to transgender activism without the proper clinical and religious understanding has no place at a Catholic college, Heyer said, arguing that it goes against the proper teaching role given to Catholic colleges and introduces the students to potentially significant psychological and spiritual harm.

Last week, University President Fred Pestello intervened to have a student-led Planned Parenthood event moved off campus, the Newman Society reported. But the administration has yet to take action on the hosting of Cox by the student-run Great Issues Committee (GIC) that will give Cox a platform to “discuss her transgender journey and her understanding of womanhood with a modern perspective,” according to the event page.

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