Clearly, We Need More Shame And Judgment In Our Society

source: http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/clearly-we-need-more-shame-and-judgment-in-our-society/

His name is Paul Wolscht. Paul is a 52-year-old pervert, a “transgender” activist, and a “trans consultant” from Canada who was recently given a glowing profile in a gay news site whose name and web address I will not promote. He is, just like every other “transgender,” a homosexual cross dresser and clinical narcissist who wears skirts and makeup because he finds it sexually stimulating (underscored in this case by the fact that his chosen girl name is, I’m not kidding, “Stefonknee”), but there is one detail about Paul that makes him somewhat unique. You see, our hero isn’t just a “transgender” — he’s a “transager.”

A while after getting married and fathering seven children, Paul realized he’s actually a girl. A 6-year-old girl, to be precise. Upon arriving at this scientific conclusion, he abandoned his family and went to live with a couple of deviants who “adopted” him as their son. It will come as no surprise that he has a sexual relationship with his “adopted father.”
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