Univ. of San Diego: Student Demands ‘Inconsistent With Our Catholic Identity’ Jan 7, 2016


Responding to a list of “demands” by student groups focused on racial and LGBTQ issues, a University of San Diego (USD) official told The Cardinal Newman Society there are items on the list “that are inconsistent with our Catholic identity,” and that such proposals would be vetted through a process of working with students to initiate change “in a constructive and respectful fashion.”
“In this process,” said Peter Marlow, associate vice president of communications at USD, “any fringe ideas that may be contrary to our Catholic identity would be vetted by a broad audience and even broader perspectives and priorities.”

Marlow told the Newman Society that the newly installed University president, Dr. James Harris, who began his tenure this past August, recently met with four of the students involved with publishing the demands “to help steer them toward submitting their ideas via the strategic planning process” currently underway at the University. The process, scheduled for completion by early fall, is collecting “ideas for the future” from USD student groups, faculty, alumni, administrators, trustees, community members and other friends of USD.

The list of 22 demands made by “concerned students” focuses mainly on racial issues “in solidarity with the Black student activists of [University of Missouri],” and a similar list of demands by USD students appears on the website of the Black Liberation Collective. But there are also several LGBT and gender identity issues listed among the demands, including calls to have:

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