Have We Finally Reached Peak Transgender?

source: http://thefederalist.com/2016/02/16/have-we-finally-reached-peak-transgender/

Men competing as women at the Olympics, LGBT themes on 30 to 45 percent of prime-time television, and influence at the White House—please tell me we’ve reached the transgender high-water mark.

State and local lawmakers across the country are dealing with a barrage of proposals about whether men and boys claiming to be transgender will get legal cover to force their way into both public and privately owned bathrooms and showers with women and girls.

For the 2016 spring Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, officials have indicated they will allow a man who is still packing his “tools” to compete as a female if he has low testosterone and claims to be a female. Under the new Olympic standard, a man with low T can now compete equally with biologically correct females even with all his male parts intact.  read more