When Washrooms Are Weaponized

source: http://cbmw.org/topics/transgenderism/when-washrooms-are-weaponized/

March 10, 2016
Jeff Jones

Building Codes as Opportunities for Activism

TIME magazine recently observed, “Bathrooms often become battlegrounds in fights over civil rights.” San Francisco now requires single-occupancy washrooms be designated as gender-neutral, and a gender-neutral washroom on each floor of new buildings. Gender-neutral washrooms have been added to the city’s building inspection checklist.

When, days ago, South Dakota’s governor vetoed a bill requiring students to use washrooms corresponding to their biological gender, some conservatives reacted positively, describing the veto as advancing “local control” of such decisions. Yet Christians should be concerned about how local building codes are “weaponizing” washrooms to advance the transgender agenda. Although TIME says San Francisco’s bill goes “beyond similar laws in other cities,” it falls well short of what transgender lobbyists want. For example, Vassar College similarly created a “Gender Neutral Bathrooms Initiative” ensuring a gender-neutral facility in each building. However, the “Vassar Queer Health Initiative” student group objected that this didn’t go far enough. They want allcollege washrooms to be “all-gender.”

Women as Collateral Damage in the Culture War

Particularly chilling is how VHQI belittled concerns from women about such a change: “Cisgender women [biological females identifying as female] often claim uncomfortability [sic] in all-gender bathroom situations….VHQI attributes cisgender women’s fear of transwomen in bathrooms to transmisogyny and not actual dangers to their safety.”  read more