Does Generation Z Really Defy Gender Norms?

source: http://thefederalist.com/2016/03/30/does-generation-z-really-defy-gender-norms/

A study by the Innovation Group has media outlets buzzing about how Generation Z—those born between 1995 and 2012—utterly defies the gender binary. Only 48 percent of the marketing research group’s respondents said they identified as 100 percent heterosexual, compared with 65 percent of millennials.

A previous study by FTI Consulting found that voting-age members of Generation Z are incredibly far-left when it comes to “equal rights,” with 75 percent favoring gay marriage and 83 percent favoring “equal rights” for transgender people, with this new survey finding that 70 percent of Generation Z believe it’s “important for public spaces to provide access to gender neutral bathrooms.”

Reason’s Hit and Run blog interpreted the data as meaning Generation Z is “queer as f**k.” But are they really?

The Results Contradict Relevant Data

CrossMap.com compiled the criticisms of several experts (comments originally gathered by LifeSiteNews) who called the newest survey’s conclusions into question.

As any student of introductory statistics should immediately realize, the sample size for the Innovation Group’s study was tiny. We’re talking 300 respondents from Gen Z, and a roughly equal number of millennials. Total Gen Z respondents listed under the results for sexual orientation was just 203.

The sample size may be one reason the data is at odds with relevant data previously gathered. One professor, Paul Sullins, cited the National Survey of Family Growth (2011), which reported that between ‘06 and ‘08, 96% of men and 94% of women “identified as exclusively heterosexual,” compared to 2002 data, which pegged the percentage of heterosexuals at about 90%. That number has remained steady for around 60 years, if you use the Kinsey Institute’s 1948 study claiming the same percentage as a benchmark.  read more