Freedom Matters Podcast: The Other Side of Gender Identity

source: http://adflegal.org/detailspages/blog-details/allianceedge/2016/04/06/freedom-matters-podcast-the-other-side-of-gender-identity

By Bob Trent Posted on: | April 06, 2016

It was 4:30 in the morning, and I was standing in the Budapest Keleti Train Station at a loss for which restroom to use. This was only a brief stop en route to Vienna, so I didn’t take the time to learn a few, apparently essential, language basics, such as “where is the men’s room?” The signs above each doorway were cryptic at best and offered no indication of gender. It was as if I woke up in the Twilight Zone, and one of the most basic assumptions about bathrooms had been replaced with something indecipherable.    

I get the same feeling when I read the news lately—especially news like we’ve seen out of North Carolina in recent weeks. As a husband and father, it is difficult for me to rationalize why it would ever be a good idea for members of one sex to have access to the restroom or locker room of the opposite sex. Just because it is clear to me, and most people, that a person’s biology determines his or her gender, we must nonetheless understand the opposing point of view so that we can effectively respond to its claims.

And that is where James Arnold, Legal Content Manager for Alliance Defending Freedom, comes in.

Not only does James manage the ADF Alliance Alert and write the Daily Digest, he also studies what those on the other side of our issues are saying and writing. We asked James to join us on Freedom Matters this week to help explain how those in the transgender corner think about, and argue for, their cause. It is a fascinating look into a completely foreign point of view, and James offers us guidance on how to more effectively communicate our message to them.

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