No, Gays and ‘Transgenders’ Are Not Being Bullied. They Are The Bullies

source: http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/no-gays-and-transgenders-are-not-being-bullied-they-are-the-bullies/

This week, Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi signed a religious liberty bill protecting businesses and individuals from being forced to participate in gay marriages.

The legislation also fortifies the rights of business owners to keep their bathrooms segregated by sex, as all business owners have done up until 4.5 seconds ago. Meanwhile, a few weeks earlier, North Carolina signed a now infamous bill that will require men to pee in rooms with other men, and women in rooms with other women. Again in keeping with the reasonable and totally normal policies that have been in place everywhere in America for the entirety of your life and your grandparents’ lives.

These two laws indicate that, apparently, not everyone in the nation is on board with liberalism’s designs to turn our civilization into a debauched, androgynous dystopia where gays and “transgenders” occupy the highest position in the social and legal hierarchy. But the left is not accustomed to being disobeyed in such a manner, which explains the utterly shocked and stunned reaction from leftists across the country to these two pieces of legislation. While the vicious attacks against Mississippi over their bill are just beginning, the outrage over the “anti-trans” law in North Carolina has reached apocalyptic volumes.  read more