A Compassionate Solution for Transgender Bathroom Controversy

source: http://m.christianpost.com/news/compassionate-solution-transgender-bathroom-controversy-162205/?m=1

I am a Christian. I am a licensed psychotherapist. I am a man. I know what it is like to have sexual feelings that do not correspond to who I believe I was created to be. I know what it is like to be bullied because of my sexuality. I know what it is like to be the target of hate because of my sexual identity. I know these things because I have experienced them.

I also know these things because I have walked with and helped hundreds of others with these conflicts.

I have cried and grieved with my clients as they have described horrific abuses they experienced in their childhood and adolescence. I have sat in circles with gay-identified men whose parents were so intolerant and unloving that I was moved to anger on their behalf.

I have talked with legislators across the country and have testified to my personal and professional experiences with abuse and sexual identity. I have mourned over periods of my own childhood that were lost due to sexual abuse and emotional trauma.

I know what it is like to journey with a person that has severe trauma, and as a result, is conflicted with their sexual or gender identity. I have been there and experienced it myself. To be honest, it took me many years to learn how to feel good about myself.

Having sexual and gender identity conflicts is a terrible burden for even the strongest to bear. I know this because I am a man that was formerly sexually attracted to other men, and now I am a husband to my wife and a father of five children.

No matter your sexual or gender identity, I have come to believe that we all experience brokenness in this area of our lives. Whether you identify yourself as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or heterosexual, you are broken when you place your sexual or gender identity above your identity as a child of God. Call me a bigot, but this is what I believe.  read more