The Show Goes On . . . Nurse Criticizes Dangers From USD’s Fifth Drag “Celebration”

source: http://thewandererpress.com/frontpage/the-show-goes-on-nurse-criticizes-dangers-from-usds-fifth-drag-celebration/#more-14166

April 26, 2016


A San Francisco native who provided nursing care to people suffering from their homosexual lifestyles there expressed regret that the University of San Diego (USD), a Catholic school, continues to promote sexual “confusion” with an annual spring drag show on campus.
“I was really sad the administration gave students a forum to act out craziness,” Jeannie Stiles, RN, told The Wanderer in an April 15 telephone interview. “This was like new confusion” added to their lives when they’re “still trying to figure things out” as young people about their identity as “children of God.”
Stiles spoke about suffering and death she saw in San Francisco that resulted from allowing gender confusion into people’s lives.
The previous evening, April 14, USD staged its annual “Celebration of Gender Expression: Supreme Drag Superstar V” for more than 600 people packing Shiley Theatre on campus. This official promotion of sexual disorientation began in 2012.
Three successive bishops of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego in that time span took a passive approach to this affront to Church teaching — long-serving Robert Brom, who took normal retirement in September 2013; his coadjutor-successor, Cirilo Flores, who soon died of cancer, in September 2014, and Robert McElroy, who assumed formal control as new bishop on April 15, 2015, one day before last year’s drag show.
McElroy previously was an auxiliary bishop in, coincidentally, the Archdiocese of San Francisco.
Two years ago, well-known southern California drag queen Tootie Keanuenue Nefertootie was among the gender-confusing acts at the show, performing in satanic garb — a black robe with high collar and a goat-horn headdress.
San Diego-area opponents of the show hoped that the retirement of veteran USD president Mary Lyons, Ph.D., last year would mean the end of the show after Lyons’ successor, James T. Harris III, took over. However, “Supreme Drag Superstar” endures.
But one opponent of the presentation, who asked not to be named, told The Wanderer that the 2016 show wasn’t as bad as it might have been. “It’s not the cutting edge any more that they wanted it to be,” he said, describing it as “toned down,” even though it’s still “horrible that they have it.”
Lyons never sat down with opponents of the show, he said, but Harris has been open to hearing their concerns.
Southern California attorney Charles LiMandri, a USD alumnus and traditional-values activist, was quoted by the Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Daily on April 13:
“I do not doubt (Harris’) desire to try to bring USD back in line with the vision of its founders as a value-oriented Catholic university. Unfortunately, he is up against formidable opposition from a cadre of tenured faculty on campus. They are determined to continue to push a secular agenda that is directly opposed to authentic Catholic values and beliefs.”
The story added that LiMandri said Harris “will need the support of the faithful alumni, and especially the board of trustees, to effect any positive and lasting change at USD.”
The foe of the show who didn’t want to be named provided The Wanderer with a copy of a statement received before the show from Peter Marlow, USD’s associate vice president for university communications. It said:
“President Harris joined USD in August. He met with community members, alumni, students, and has been in contact with the San Diego Diocese regarding this annual student event. Following this counsel, and after careful consideration, President Harris is allowing this student-sponsored event to take place, which will be supervised by administrative personnel to ensure that the same ‘PG-13’ standards and protocols are applied to this event that are applied to all other sanctioned student activities at USD.   read more