Dear Target, We’re Just Tired of the Nonsense. That’s Why We’re Boycotting

source: http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/dear-target-were-just-tired-of-the-nonsense-thats-why-were-boycotting/

I used to be a frequent customer of yours. My wife was an even more frequent customer. I can’t say our loyalty was due to the quality of your goods and services, but it was loyalty all the same. We would’ve just as soon gone to Walmart, but our local Walmart is kind of dirty and smells funny. I mean, more than usual. So we ended up with you. It’s a classic American love story.

But that’s all over now. Because of your decision to let men who “identify as women” use the women’s room, my wife and I had to make a decision of our own. This week, we went cold turkey on our Target habit. We dependably spent money in your establishment on a regular basis, and now we’re done. Of course this comes as no surprise to you. We are one of countless Americans who’ve made the same choice.

The Boycott Target petition has over 800 thousand signatures now. If you take into account the folks who ditched you but didn’t sign a petition, I think it’s safe to say your problem is exponentially worse than the 800 thousand names.

You’re in trouble, Target. You alienated hundreds of thousands of customers for the sake of appeasing about three, and now you’re learning that it perhaps wasn’t the smartest business plan. I didn’t go to business school, but I bet this is a lesson they teach on the first day: Don’t throw away 800 thousand customers in favor of less than half a dozen. The math just doesn’t work. Although, if this is your new strategy, I have a brand new quarter I’d like to sell you for a million dollars.  read more