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San Diego Attorney Chuck LiMandri Launches

Alumni For A Catholic USD Website

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New Site Protests Anti-Catholic Event To Be Held On USD Campus This Week


San Diego, CA, (April 9, 2012) – AlumniForACatholicUSD.org was launched this past weekend by Attorney Chuck LiMandri in an effort to protest and raise awareness of the University of San Diego’s plan to hold its first on-campus Drag Show this Wednesday, April 11, 2012. Local San Diego Drag Queen Tootie Nefertootie is scheduled to emcee the lip-sync competition, runway competition and Q&A session. While the University claims the event is in line with Catholic “social justice” teaching, past drag show events at other supposedly “Catholic” universities have displayed degenerate behavior that clearly does not align with Catholic values. Information regarding the event and Catholic teaching can be found at http://www.alumniforacatholicusd.org.


“USD shouldn’t be expected to host or allow anti-Catholic events on a Catholic campus,” said Mr. LiMandri, USD Alumni, Class of ’77. “The bottom line is that the law does not require USD to allow this event; the teachings on Catholic social justice do not align with this event, and anyone with a formed Christian conscience cannot approve an event that is sexually perverse – whether it included heterosexual, transgender or homosexual individuals. We would be taking a similar stand if the university sponsored a show featuring female pole dancers or strippers.”


“Misleading people into thinking that State Law AB887 requires USD to allow events that are in obvious conflict with the teaching of the Catholic Church is wrong,” LiMandri expanded. “California law is intended to prevent unjust discrimination. It does not require the endorsement, promotion and encouragement of behavior that contrasts Catholic/Christian teaching on sexual morality. Social justice demands that, with charity, we bear witness to the truth when it comes to the value and dignity of the human person. Therefore, all people should be treated with respect. Personal sexual agendas, however, do not need to be paraded in a religious institution that is expected to uphold the teachings of Faith.”


LiMandri held a position on the USD Alumni Board between 1985 and 1995 when the university first launched the diversity and multi-cultural programs. The mission of the university then was to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all students and to provide an equal opportunity for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. At that time, the university was not seeking the promotion of values that are directly contrary to Catholic faith and traditions. In the past few years, that has changed dramatically.


“USD’s administration directly opposes Catholic teaching when it permits drag shows on campus and speakers that promote abortion or same-sex marriage,” added LiMandri. “Today we are taking action to raise awareness and urge USD to take back its Catholic identity and values. For example, this past weekend, TFP Student Action collected the names of nearly 7,000 people through its website who object to USD’s decision to hold this event. USD can achieve academic excellence, awareness and diversity without relinquishing its Catholic identity and making a mockery of our Faith.”


Visit http://www.alumniforacatholicusd.org or contact Chuck LiMandri at (858) 759-9930 or usdalum@limandri.net to support this effort or learn more about USD’s position on this drag show event.

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Source: Charles S. LiMandri at Law Offices of Charles S. LiMandri, APC, (858) 759-9930, usdalum@limandri.net