K-12 School Proposes Removing Urinals and Making Bathrooms Gender Neutral

source: http://dailysignal.com/2016/05/25/k-12-school-proposes-removing-urinals-and-making-bathrooms-gender-neutral/

A nationally ranked Minnesota charter school facing a discrimination complaintby the parents of a former kindergarten transgender student approved a controversial new gender inclusion policy at a school board meeting.

While the school board, which consists of a mix of parents, teachers, and community members, overwhelmingly voted in favor of the new policy Monday night, some parents are upset with the outcome.

“What has happened at Nova is unthinkable,” a mother with two children at the school told The Daily Signal. “A classical school based in logic and reason has taken the most radical approach possible, that of affirming gender fluidity.”

“Their decision makes a mockery of the school’s mission,” the mother added. “If gender is a state of mind, an idea that flies in the face of science and all that we know to be true, what else is a state of mind?”

The Policy

The policy also requires schools to address transgender and gender nonconforming students by their preferred name and pronoun and mandates that schools keep private all personal information relating to transgender and gender nonconforming students.

The policy also states that the school will “evaluate all gender based activities, curricula, rules, policies and practices” and keep only those that “have a clear and sound pedagogical purpose.”

For activities where students are segregated by gender, transgender and gender nonconforming students must be allowed to participate in the activity that corresponds with their gender identity.

“It all kind of happened as we thought it was going to happen, maybe with a little more tiptoeing and slightly less disregard for traditional viewpoints, but still, mostly disregard for traditional viewpoints,” one parent involved in the recent events at Nova Classical Academy told The Daily Signal.

The Daily Signal spoke with several parents about the policy on the condition their names would not be used. The parents said they feared retribution for voicing their opinion.

Since the school began the process of adopting a new gender identity policy, 42 students have withdrawn from Nova Classical Academy. In withdrawing, Eric Williams, executive director of the school, said parents cited reasons “from both sides of the issue.”

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