The Transgender Debate Moves To The Sports Field

source: http://thefederalist.com/2016/06/01/the-transgender-debate-moves-to-the-sports-field/

As the Olympics loom, the transgender debate is about to move from the bathroom to the playing field, where the incoherence of the trans agenda is obvious.

With the Olympics looming, the transgender debate is about to move from the bathroom to the playing field. But in high school sports programs across America, far from the glare of Olympic stadiums, it already has.

In response to the Obama administration’s recent directive to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity, schools are adopting sports policies that reveal the incoherence and fundamental unfairness of the trans agenda.

n Alaska, an 18-year-old male athletecompeted against women last week in the state high school track and field championships. The student, 18-year-old Nattaphon “Ice” Wangyot, an immigrant from Thailand who identifies as female, finished fifth in the women’s 100-meter and third in the 200-meter. His times in those races were far below the qualifying and final times for the men’s races.

Perusing the results, it’s easy to see how the other female athletes might think that allowing an 18-year-old male to race against them isn’t fair. One female athlete, who won the 3,200-meter race, said so plainly: “I don’t know what’s politically correct to say, but in my opinion your gender is what you’re born with. It’s the DNA. Genetically a guy has more muscle mass than a girl, and if he’s racing against a girl, he may have an advantage.”

At Least The Olympics Recognizes The Problem

As it happens, on the question of muscle mass the International Olympic Committee actually agrees. Back in January, the IOC scrapped a policy adopted in 2003 that required transgender athletes to have completed sex reassignment surgery followed by at least two years of hormone therapy in order to compete.

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