Transgender Transformation: Hope and Change, One Locker Room at a Time?

source: http://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/item/23342-transgender-transformation-hope-and-change-one-locker-room-at-a-time

The Obama administration is bent on catering as far as possible to the sexually confused, despite his actions being illegal, illogical, hypocritical, and unpopular.

Transgender Transformation: Hope and Change, One Locker Room at a Time?Traditionally, lame-duck presidents have been to some degree hamstrung during the waning months of their second terms in office, as the country takes a deep cleansing breath, anticipating the potential ramifications of future administrations based on the electability of the leading candidates and the balance of power in the House and Senate. And although President Obama too has found his wings clipped regarding issues such as the Supreme Court vacancy created by Antonin Scalia’s death, he is nevertheless making the most of his rapidly dwindling time in office. Despite Republican control of both houses of Congress, Obama pushes forward his radical agenda with shockingly little blowback from the beltway GOP, a dereliction of duty that no doubt plays a large role in the surprising ascendancy of rogue candidate Donald Trump.

A key reason for Obama’s swan-song success is the way he has effectively circumvented democratic process and the rule of law since first taking office in early 2009. Ever since he eked out an unlikely victory in the messy legislative fiasco that was the Affordable Care Act — a brutal legal tussle that punctured his pretense of transparency and left his popularity greatly diminished, despite the herculean efforts of Chief Justice John Roberts to save him from his own overreach — team Obama has preferred to bribe, bully, threaten, and insinuate, rather than work with Congress to actually legislate. From the imposition of Common Core in the schools, to the neutering of our border policies, to the enacting of delusional environmental policy designed to retard the creation of wealth — not cleanse the biosphere — this administration has governed by fiat, executive order, and a systematic and questionably legal brand of arm-twisting more indicative of a subculture syndicate than a constitutional republic. 

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