Transgender Activists Use A Child To Bully A Village

source: http://thefederalist.com/2016/06/02/transgender-activists-use-a-child-to-bully-a-village/

A classical charter in Minnesota will de-sex its bathrooms, institute speech controls, and teach kindergarteners transgender activists’ theories about human sexuality.

A public charter school in Minnesota has caved to transgender militants in teaching kindergarteners about transgender theory, requiring them to use transgender students’ preferred pronouns, and creating unisex bathrooms.

Last year, David and Hannah Edwards complained to Nova Classical Academy in St. Paul that their five–year-old “transgender” son was being bullied by students who laughed when he came to school dressed like a girl. When the school didn’t institute a transgender policy that fully satisfied them, the Edwards submitted a complaint to the city’s Department of Human Rights.

The Edwards did this although the school adopted a temporary plan to accommodate their son. The policy included implementing a “toolbox” of transgender books teachers would read to the kindergarteners, and enforcing an anti-bullying code.

That policy was made permanent last week, including requiring students to use preferred pronouns and share bathroom facilities with a child of the opposite sex. The policy states that “gender non-conforming” students should be protected from bullying, that they can wear the uniform that matches their gender perception, and that they will be able to use the bathroom of the sex they choose.

If You Object You’re a Bigot

When parents protested the transgender policy, emphasizing that the school already has an anti-bullying policy that applies to everyone, the school labeled them religious extremists and continued to look for ways to accommodate the Edwards’ young boy who thinks he’s a girl.

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