Kathy Gyngell: Boys will be girls and girls will be boys – in our primary school madhouse

source: http://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/kathy-gyngell-boys-will-be-girls-and-girls-will-be-boys-in-our-primary-school-madhouse/

New 'gender neutral' uniform rules will allow boys, so inclined, to wear skirts to school as schools must be more open to children questioning their gender identity.

I have listened to daft politically correct initiatives before but this one from a primary school headmaster who has - by his own admission - never himself come across a transgender child - capped the lot.

For the triumph of ignorance over evidence the transgender agenda ideologues cannot be beaten.

We might just laugh but for the fact that this initiative heralds from a group actively paid by the government to advise on homophobia and transgender phobia matters.

Nor is this soppy head (just listen to him on Today yesterday) the first to push this potty agenda in primary schools. ‘Transgender days’ in primary schools ‘to raise issues surrounding gender identity’ are just another fact of school life these days, it seems.

Mind bending will be on the curriculum from day one if we let these ideologues have their way. Black will be called white, and white black. In other words, our children are actively to be taught doublespeak and not know what to think, with logic and common sense flung out of the window. I predict a greater need for adolescent mental health services.

This is more than pandering to a delusion. As Norman Wells reported in his blog here in the progressive USA the Justice Department and the Department of Education already are insisting that: ‘A school may not require transgender students to use facilities inconsistent with their gender identity...’

In the USA’s footsteps we follow. The Children’s Commissioner for England too has had a go at furthering the cause. Her short-lived online survey for 13-18- year-olds asked teenagers, ‘How do you define your gender?’ and offered 23 options, including ‘gender fluid’, ‘genderqueer’, ‘tri-gender’, ‘all genders’ and ‘intersex’. Teenagers were invited to ‘Choose as many as you want.’

Maria Miller MP’s select committee report on Transgender Equality also recommends that ‘Trans issues' should be taught as part of Personal, Social and Health Education in schools, that ‘provision be made to allow 16- and 17-year-olds, with appropriate support, to apply for gender recognition, on the basis of self-declaration’.

Not to be left out, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon also advocates ‘enabling young people to make informed choices about their gender and sexual identity’ - a priority for her current parliament. So much for having 'sensible women' in politics.

On top of this, the BBC wades in for all it is worth – and exploitatively so as far as children are concerned as my co-editor Laura Perrins has commented.

While broadcasters, politicians and heads pander to this delusion, the number of children referred to the Tavistock Clinic for transgender services goes up. This is nothing less than state-sanctioned child abuse.

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