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USD Takes Pride in Anthony Pavlovic Receiving Alcala Award

News Note:
USD gave the Outstanding Senior Man Award of 2012, to the openly gay Associated Students President who shamefully stated to the news media in response to the alumni opposition to the Drag Queen Contest:  "It's these people who might ground their bigotry in prayer that are the ones that attack us, but that doesn't make sense because we know that we're a member of this human family and all that we're trying to do is show each other who we are."

source: https://www.sandiego.edu/about/news_center/news/news_detail.php?_focus=42013


At the Commencement Ceremony for the University of San Diego Class of 2012, several students were honored with awards and recognition that went beyond the expectations of most Toreros. Anthony Pavlovic was this year's male recipient of the Alcala Award, graduating as a Communications major, Business Administration minor. The award is given to two graduating students, one male and one female, who exemplify USD’s goal to providing a holistic educational experience. Pavlovic is the first openly gay Associated Students President at USD and won the award not only for his outstanding academic recognition on the dean’s list, but also for his involvement with PRIDE, Rainbow Educators and his fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha.

In an interview with the College of Arts and Sciences, they asked Pavlovic, “what are your plans for the future?” This July he will be moving to San Francisco to start [his] career as a Recruiter with Insight Global Inc., a top staffing services company. He also wishes to become even more involved with the LGBT Human Rights Movement and continue to “advocate for [the] community in any way [he] can.”

“Most importantly, I want to find someone special to spend the rest of my life with and raise a family… I plan on the future surprising me with what it brings. If the opportunity to travel the world comes up a few years from now, I may have to jump into that adventure! So basically, my long answer to this basic question can be summed up in a few words … To be courageous and take risks, never lose my adventurous spirit, and continue to treat everyone I meet with respect. Everything else that happens while I stick to that is just a part of the mystery of life. Bring it!”

PRIDE commends Anthony Pavlovic for his accomplishments over his undergraduate career at USD and thanks him for his contributions to the LGBTQ community.

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