That rumbling you feel is Judeo-Christian civilization collapsing beneath your feet

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June 22, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) - It was a beautiful summer evening, with an occasional gentle breeze preventing it from becoming stifling. I was sitting on a restaurant patio with my wife, sipping ice-cold water and chatting about the week’s events while waiting for our food to arrive. Cheery chatter rose from the tables around us. The events we were discussing seemed almost weird and unreal in contrast with the pleasant Saturday evenings unfolding for the restaurant’s patrons. Everything seemed so normal.

A group of women brayed noisily one table over, loud cackles chasing each other out into the summer air. One of their group rose to her feet on ridiculous heels and teetered off like a new-born gazelle taking her first steps. To our left, a middle-aged man with a huge bushy moustache gripped an enormous burger with both hands, eyeing it like a saber-tooth tiger deliberating where to lunge at a mammoth. The others at his table weren’t talking much, just smiling into their sweating, frothing beer glasses and percolating peacefully.

All was calm, and all was right.

The normalcy seemed strange, because at our table we were discussing recent cultural developments—Christians being slowly forced to the margins of society, the increasing threat of government intrusion into Christian education, new strategies to combat abortion ideology, and how the country we hoped to raise children in one day was already so much different than the one our parents had raised us in. On the surface, though, everything seemed lovely, and pleasant, and thoroughly unalarming.

While everything seems normal, everything is changing. The ground is shifting beneath our feet as the Judeo-Christian foundations of our society are removed, brick by brick. We need to notice these things. And we need to prepare for them.

No wonder that people who are not watching carefully treat those of us raising the alarm as if we’re crazy, I thought, or maybe just victims of the newest viral conspiracy-theory YouTube video.

Talk of “persecution” of Christians in the West sounds a bit ridiculous, especially with crucifixion coming back into style in the Middle East, North Koreans being publicly executed for owning Bibles, and Communist China mulling another crackdown on Christian churches. In contrast to that, Western Christians are, for the most part, still part of one of the richest generations in one of the wealthiest civilizations in all of human history.

And yet, the Judeo-Christian foundations of the West that brought such success and such prosperity have either been removed or are in the final stages of demolition. The sanctity of life is gone, but most of us have not noticed simply because we do not toss the corpses of the murdered out the front door into the street, but quietly deposit them in dumpsters behind clinics or vaporize them in modern, up-to-date incinerators. New ideologies have taken over our legal systems, and the short march to labelling Holy Scripture as Hate Speech has already begun. The number of citizens who still attend church or are even aware that Christianity was the life-blood of our civilization is plummeting.

Things may be peaceful for the moment, but the dark clouds in the distance bulge with thunder and the rumblings have already begun: Christian universities are told they are ineligible to start a law school because they believe what Christians have always believed, Christian medical professionals are told they will be forced to refer patients for killing, and Christian professionals are subjected to “formal investigations” at the slightest hint that they have violated the new secular religion. This is just the calm before the storm, but because Christians are so distracted with the high drama of ordinary day-to-day life, they may not hear the rumblings until thunder splits the sky.

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