Why Gender-Neutral Child-Raising Is A Terrible Idea

source: http://thefederalist.com/2016/07/13/why-gender-neutral-child-raising-is-a-terrible-idea/

My kids are obsessed with nature documentaries. They speak the language of conservation. So it wasn’t clear whether my eldest was being intentionally funny when he told me that girls, in our family, are “an endangered species.”

It’s kind of true. I have a husband and four sons, so ours is a testosterone-heavy household. Our family movies are always action-packed. I know better than to ask for veggie pizza.

As befits an endangered species, I am well-cared-for and protected. Wherever I go, I am guarded by superheroes and vaunted monster slayers. Doors open before me. Bouquets of dandelions are laid at my feet. I also cope with a lot of broken property, muddy and bloody floors, and ravaged pantries. Still, the chivalric impulses of young boys can be downright Arthurian. Sisters, if you’d like to feel like Lady Guinevere, have some sons.

Endangered Boys

My home is something of a Neverland. (I mean J.M. Barrie’s, of course. Curse you, Michael Jackson, for ruining good literary references.) In society at large, boys are the endangered species, and we aren’t doing much to protect them.

Many problems have been documented by boy-interested writers like Christina Hoff Sommers and Leonard Sax. Our schools medicate boys into convenient passivity instead of channeling their natural energy. School curricula and pedagogy play to the strengths of girls. More distressing still, people seem to be losing interest in boys. Adoption agencies have trouble placing them.

Even if you’re familiar with these memes, it comes home in a more personal way when you give birth to four Y-chromosomed babies in succession. When expecting my fourth, it was amazing how frequently total strangers would ask, “Are you finally getting a girl? Ah. I’m sorry.” What is wrong with us? The birth of a son is not an occasion for condolence. 

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