Transgender Woman Is Charged With Voyeurism at Target in Idaho

source: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/07/15/us/target-transgender-idaho-voyeurism.html?_r=0&referer

Shauna Smith, 43, a transgender woman, was arrested on a charge of video voyeurism, in Idaho Falls. The authorities charged her under her legal name, Sean Patrick Smith, and had her remove a wig for the booking photo.

The authorities in Idaho charged a transgender woman this week with secretly taking pictures of an 18-year-old woman changing in a Target fitting room.

The national retail chain drew praise from transgender advocates and condemnation from conservative groups when it announced in April that it would allow customers to use the restroom or fitting room corresponding to their gender identity.

An officer from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office was called to a Target in Ammon, Idaho, on Monday evening by a woman who said she saw someone reach over the wall separating the fitting rooms there with an iPhone taking pictures or a video, according to a court document. While a majority of Target locations have unisex fitting rooms, the Ammon store does not, a spokeswoman said.

Based on a review of surveillance footage and interviews with witnesses, the suspect and her roommate, a detective on Tuesday arrested Shauna Smith, 43, on one felony count of voyeurism. She was booked into Bonneville County Jail as a man, using her legal name, Sean Patrick Smith. The 18-year-old victim told the authorities she had been trying on swimwear when she spotted the iPhone.

Her mother confronted the suspect, who fled on foot. Both later identified the voyeur as a white man wearing a dress and a blond wig, according to the document. Another witness reported seeing the suspect leave in a vehicle that was later discovered to be registered to Ms. Smith.


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