USD’s highest alumni honor to Charles LiMandri.

The citation for the Mother Rosalie Hill Award which is USD’s highest alumni honor

“The Directors of the University of San Diego Alumni Association do herewith confer upon Charles S. Limandri ’77 the Mother Rosalie Hill Award.


This award is bestowed upon one who has demonstrated extraordinary service to the University of San Diego, and personified its spirit and philosophy.


Charles LiMandri also received USD’s Franklin Award as the “Outstanding Senior Man” in 1977, its highest student honor at that time. He was also selected by a vote of his graduating class to give their commencement address. So for at least twenty years (1977-1997), he was officially recognized by the USD community for personifying “its spirit and philosophy” as a Catholic University. Yet, as he has strived to become even stronger in his Catholic faith over the last twenty years, USD has tragically gone in the opposite direction. (See, the “Anti-Catholic Influences at USD” section of this website).