The Left Needs To Call Off Its Radical Fringe Bent On Destroying Christians

source: http://thefederalist.com/2016/09/09/left-needs-call-off-radical-fringe-bent-destroying-christians/

Andrew Walker


Ethicist David Gushee’s evolve-or-else warning to religious conservatives about their inevitable clash of orthodoxies with progressives is a sober reminder of the question over what variety of liberalism they will face in the days ahead.

Will a reflexively intolerant progressivism prevail, or is it possible that goodwill, liberal pluralism can frame what happens in American public life as homosexuality and transgenderism become mainstreamed? Like The American Conservative’s Rod Dreher, who has been an online hero documenting the pace of cultural change around American sexual mores, I am pessimistic at the prospect that liberal pluralism will win the day.

hat’s not because I think such a pluralism is philosophically impossible or compromise undesirable, but because the intellectual center of progressivism now favors targeting, harassing, and marginalizing dissent about human sexuality. There are few signs that the Left’s aggression toward dissenters will evolve into an atmosphere of mutual respect. On the contrary, all the symptoms suggest the sexual revolution is now in a terminal late-stage progressivism that makes entertaining dissent impossible.

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