Transgender Bathrooms and the Catholic Stand

source: http://www.catholicstand.com/transgender-bathrooms-catholic-stand/

The transgender bathroom issue is a red herring obscuring the agenda propagated by the media, educators, and political agitators. We have been led by the nose for so long by a deeply corrupted mass media that we are apt to sit fixated on soundbites for weeks at a time. It is our perpetual habit now to miss the forest of truth for the single tree of a red herring.  By educational conditioning to self-reference, self-delusion and the drive for high self-esteem, we pronounce judgements on the issues either in favor of truth or in favor of ideology. The world has been taken in hook, line and sinker, but as Catholics, we are beholden, not to the rhetoric of social commentators, but to the revealed Word of God that assures us eternal life.

The Transgender Agenda

It is possible that the minds and hearts promoting the LGBT and Transgender agenda do so with good intent. It is clearly an attempt to make this world a better place. Unfortunately, the “better” is not an objectively ordered “better,” it is an ideologically defined “better.” The real better society would be one conforming at its roots to objectively ordered justice; that is, justice grounded in the divine and natural law. The fruit that springs from these roots of true justice is equality. The real agenda mistakenly goes after equality as its root cause and falsely believes that justice will be its fruit. When a society tries to impose equality onto unequal things, it inevitably leads to injustice.

The real agenda strives to erase all distinctions between a man and a woman, thus institutionalizing equality. The false line of reasoning being propagated by the schools and the media to justify such madness is that all differences between men and women are social constructs and therefore arbitrary. If we could just ignore these “man-made” differences, then finally everyone would be equal and then everyone would be happier.

It is a grand irony that this movement claims that sex (male and female) is a social construct, and that the new gender theory is the real thing. The truth is that the new gender theory is the artificiality, and that sex is a self-evident real thing corroborated by the Holy Scriptures in Genesis 1:27 with “male and female He created them.”  Still, to counteract reality as the agenda wishes to do has far reaching implications that must extend to the family.

If the self-evident differences and complementarity between male and female are social constructs, then so too must be the definition of a family, or so the illogic goes. Catholic Teaching explains that the beautiful complementarity between the male and female are required for the single configuration of the domestic church: one eligible male and one eligible female sacramentally bound in matrimony open to new life. The agenda denies the differences between male and female, denies the nature of the family, and decrees that all social arrangements have the potential to be a “family”. This is done at the expense of the real family modeled on the Trinitarian community. The agenda tries to force a false equality on men and women and thereby destroy the nuclear family, the single most important building block of society and the greatest stumbling block to the LGBT agenda.

The School’s Support

The public schools from kindergarten through graduate programs condition our children to see the world through subjective eyes. Our schools have become moral relativist training programs. They are no longer guided by reason or any external objective standard. The substitute for the objective standard is the man-made agenda that drives nearly all of our institutions of learning, public and private alike. The agenda requires feelings to drive judgment and decision making.

Self-reference is a key ideological tool in the process. Equality is the driving principle. Tolerance is the prevailing virtue and self-esteem is the final cause of our current educational programs. The public schools are the training camps for the relativists to populate their armies and the mass media serve as the propaganda mills broadcasting the successes of our schools around the globe.

If you are not worried about the effects of modern education on our youth, perhaps this video will alert you to a shocking new conclusion that we have indeed lost our way. This particular look at student opinion on gender is a deeply problematic sign of degradation and disorder on a catastrophic scale. What is demonstrated here is literally self-imposed insanity concerning of the most basic and self-evident aspects of reality. Our real worry is that if these otherwise intelligent humans can’t get this most basic and obvious reality right, what can they get right?

Our schools have prepared students to take this agenda in on sentimental grounds. We may come to notice that even an appeal to reason and common sense has little to no sway over the multitudes of children who have been taken in by this agenda on pathological grounds. Our youth can no longer believe their eyes or their ears. They do however seem to put much belief into their bellies and their iPhones. The detrimental effects of our modern educational system are impossible to measure, but at least this video gives us a slight glimpse. The Catholic response is to stand against this kind of insanity.

The Real Issue

Anthropology is at the root of this problem. Anthropology answers the question of what it means to be a human person. There are really only two considerations. Either we believe and embrace the Christian anthropology grounded in physical reality or we do not. The alternative is to embrace an arbitrary and self-referential determination to a category of reality. The difference between the two can be described as the difference between discovering our true natures and creating our own natures for ourselves.

The Christian idea of man is grounded in Aristotelian Metaphysics which understands that man is a composite of body and soul. As Catholics we embrace the revealed truth about the human person. Just as faith seeks understanding by the right use of our intellects, we attempt to discover the philosophical distinctions that explain us to ourselves. It has been long known and understood that the human body is the physical manifestation of our spirited animating principle we know as our souls. Body and soul are a single entity indivisible except by death, a defect foisted onto mankind by the Fall.

The alternative can trace its philosophical roots back over four centuries ago to Rene Descartes’ mind/body problem. We are left today with the false conclusion that there are different types of substances, material and immaterial and there need not be any real relationship between the two. So in essence, by this conception a male mind could accidentally find itself paired up with a female body. If this were to be the case then the transgender movement would have been raging from the beginning of mankind; even today, it is the rarest of circumstances that one actually make the claim of being a man trapped in a woman’s body or vice versa.

The Catholic Stand

The Catholic is not at liberty to invent his own reality — he is duty bound by proper use of intellect and will to discover the truth revealed to us all, corroborated by the self-evident truths discoverable by common sense and the right use of the intellect. The secular humanist is perfectly allowed by fiat of free will to invent his own reality, but in doing so he is bound to his errors. We are only granted true freedom if we bind ourselves to the world of Christ, He who made us, He who knows us fully, He who knows our ends. Our real free will choice is to choose ourselves as the arbiters of truth or to choose the revealed Word of God.

The Catholic Stand is that male and female God created us in His image and likeness. We are male and female by design; sex is not a social construct but an ontological reality. Male and female are complementary, and both are required for the family formed in the likeness of the Trinitarian community. Our schools and the mass media revolt against truth and reality in order to “perfect” society. They efforts have only increased the speed with which we decline. As Catholics, we must reject the LGBT and Transgender agenda and preach Christ Crucified.

As Catholics we are not allowed to say that we are not affected by this crisis, because that is a denial of our duty of justice to God and neighbor. We cannot stand idly by while the forces of evil further obscure the moral landscape. Our duty is to stand up for Truth in the name of Christ and to hold firm against the tide darkness threatening to inundate our shores.

It is not an act of charity to allow our neighbors to persist in delusion because we believe it might make them feel good. As an act of charity we must tell our neighbors the truth about the Christian anthropology and defend our children from the falsehoods propagated in the name of equality and tolerance. For there is one thing certain, those who propagate equality and tolerance give no equality or tolerance to Truth.