Let's Talk About Biology

source: http://adflegal.org/detailspages/alliance-alert-details/let's-talk-about-biology

Given the recent announcement that the U.S. Supreme Court sent Gloucester County School Board v. G.G. back to the 4th Circuit for further review, let's take a step back and talk about something that should be relatively straightforward.

Let's chat about biology.

The first, written by Chris Potts for the ADF blog, centers around the story of a female wrestler taking testosterone. Potts begins the piece by noting that athletes are frustrated at the inconsistency of testing for doping in international competition. Then, we get to the story of the female wrestler:

"It’s a situation likely to get worse before it gets better, in light of what happened last week in Texas, where Mack Beggs, a girl taking hormones in hopes of becoming a boy, just won the state girl’s wrestling championship. Beggs’ win instantly complicates the doping issue – and casts a long shadow over the landscape of women’s and girls’ athletics.

"Beggs, of course, is being celebrated in predictable corners as the new poster child of transgenderism – nothing says 'empowerment' like a wrestling title. True, she owes her victory to the same kind of drugs that used to win East German women Olympic medals by the dozens. That kind of doping outraged Americans for decades, and precipitated many of the problems Phelps is talking about. But that was before the Enlightened Ones realized that gender is all in our heads, anyway.

"Thanks to Beggs, the playing field for girl athletes has just been unleveled … their options seriously endangered by the not-well-thought-out rush in many quarters to embrace the Choose Your Gender movement."

Biology is immutable. No matter how much we try, we cannot change our sex.

Texas is still wrestling with how to deal with this situation. Potts notes the complexities that are inherent in the push to reject biology:

"If you have women-trying-to-become-men running in the men’s 440 hurdles and men-trying-to-become-women in the women’s 440 hurdles, why do you need both races? Or do you now have to create the transgender 440 hurdles, etc.?

"And where does that stop? Those pressing the gender agenda are demanding recognition for a near-infinite number of 'genders' – will each of those eventually require a league of its own?

"Professional sports teams will soon face the same conundrum: what will be the point of the NBA and the WNBA, or men’s and women’s finals at Wimbledon, if the sex lines are blurred?"

The second story comes from a mother concerned about her children. Read her summary of the state of gender ideology in our schools:

"The belief that one’s internal sense of self determines maleness or femaleness and that subjective feelings take precedence over an objective physical reality constitutes a severing of mind from body. Our sex is who we are: it can’t be amputated from our body like a limb. But the true believers in gender ideology are hard at work, pulling in converts to this gnostic worldview that shuns the material that we humans are made of: the body. You can be assured that an ideology like this will, to use Pope Francis’s words, lead to the 'annihilation of man' in our culture, in the law, and in the lives of those who fall prey to the tenets of this weaponized 'civil rights' movement.

"What worries me most is that schools across the country are quashing debate, abandoning academic excellence, and reducing themselves to pawns in a political movement whose claims are highly questionable, unscientific, and harmful to children. Public schools have a duty to serve all children, but a school cannot serve children and a totalitarian ideology all at once."

You really ought to read the rest of her story. Perhaps most interestingly, she joins with folks she may not align with on other issues, including radical feminists and lesbians.

You can hear them discuss biological reality on this panel: