Vatican’s Official Statement on University Stripped of “Catholic” Status


Vatican’s Official Statement on University Stripped of “Catholic” Status - click here for Cardinal Newman Soc. article

source:  http://blog.cardinalnewmansociety.org/2012/07/23/vaticans-official-statement-on-university-stripped-of-catholic-status/

As The Cardinal Newman Society reported over the weekend, the Holy See stripped the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru of its status as a “Pontifical” and “Catholic” university. This does not, however, mean that the Vatican has abandoned the prospect of reunification or removed the University’s obligation to comply with canon law and, by extension, Ex corde Ecclesiae.

The Holy See Press Office today issued the following statement and we bring it to you in its entirety:

“The Holy See, by Decree of the secretary of State acting on a specific pontifical mandate, has decided, in conformity with canonical legislation, to withdraw the right of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru to use the titles of ‘Pontifical’ and ‘Catholic’.

“Since 1967 the University – which was founded in 1917 and canonically erected by Decree of the Holy See in 1942 – has on various occasions unilaterally modified its Statues, seriously prejudicing the interests of the Church.

“Beginning in 1990, the University has been repeatedly requested by the Holy See to bring its Statutes into line with the Apostolic Constitution ‘Ex Corde Ecclesiae’ (15 August 1990), but has failed to respond to this legal requirement.

“Following the canonical visit of December 2011 and the meeting of the rector with the cardinal secretary of State in February this year, a further attempt at dialogue was made, with a view to adapting the Statutes to Church law.

“Recently, via two letters addressed to the secretary of State, the rector stated that it was impossible to carry out the requirements imposed upon him, and he made the modification of the Statutes conditional on the archdiocese of Lima renouncing its administration of the University’s property.

“The participation of the archdiocese of Lima in administering the patrimony of the University has been confirmed on various occasions by the civil courts of Peru.

“In the face of this position taken by the University, which has been confirmed by other initiatives, the Holy See has been obliged to adopt the aforementioned measures. At the same time it reiterates the fact that the University still has a duty to continue to observe canonical legislation.

“The Holy See will carefully follow the evolution of the situation of the University, hoping that in the near future the competent academic authorities may reconsider their position, making it possible to revise the present measures. The renewal requested by the Holy See will make the University better able to respond to its mission of carrying the message of Christ to mankind, society and different cultures, in keeping with the mission of the Church in the world”.