Top Evangelical Leaders Back New Nashville Statement on Sexuality

source: https://juicyecumenism.com/2017/08/29/top-evangelical-leaders-back-new-statement-sexuality/

More than 150 Evangelical leaders representing churches, seminaries, and ministries have signed a statement affirming Biblical themes of marriage, gender, and sexual morality. The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) released the coalition statement, called the Nashville Statement, on Tuesday after gathering key Evangelical leaders for a meeting hosted by the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission last week in Nashville, Tennessee.

CBMW President Denny Burk says the statement’s goal is to “shine a light into the darkness” and offer clarity in an age where “confusion reigns over some of the most basic questions of our humanity.”

While Burk is responsible for spearheading the statement, CBMW told the Institute on Religion and Democracy that key Evangelical leaders such as John Piper, Albert Mohler, and Daniel Akin advised the proclamation’s spiritual architecture.

“The Nashville Statement is a Christian manifesto concerning issues of human sexuality,” said Piper, a co-founder of CBMW. “It affirms with joy that no form of sexual sin is beyond forgiveness and healing.”

The statement’s preamble reads, in part:

Evangelical Christians at the dawn of the twenty-first century find themselves living in a period of historic transition. As Western culture has become increasingly post-Christian, it has embarked upon a massive revision of what it means to be a human being. By and large the spirit of our age no longer discerns or delights in the beauty of God’s design for human life. Many deny that God created human beings for his glory, and that his good purposes for us include our personal and physical design as male and female. It is common to think that human identity as male and female is not part of God’s beautiful plan, but is, rather, an expression of an individual’s autonomous preferences. The pathway to full and lasting joy through God’s good design for his creatures is thus replaced by the path of shortsighted alternatives that, sooner or later, ruin human life and dishonor God.

Top Evangelicals leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination representing over 47,000 Baptist churches across the United States, signed the statement.

Other major signatories include Anglican pastor and apologist Sam Alberry, popular author and pastor Francis Chan, Charisma Media’s founder and CEO, Steven Strang, and Asbury Theologian’s Visiting Distinguished Professor of Old Testament John N. Oswalt.

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