Transgender persons, human dignity and our response

Transgender persons, human dignity and our response


This past summer, Time Magazine had a cover story called “The Next Civil Rights Revolution,” chronicling the movement to create legal mandates for the accommodation of persons who either identify as transgender or who refuse to identify as male or female altogether.

A stream of stories has also appeared locally, describing the lives of transgender-identifying individuals and their fight to end “gender identity discrimination,” most recently concerning the Minnesota State High School League’s proposed Transgender Student Policy. Although the policy was tabled until December, the discussion is far from over and questions about the policy and transgenderism from concerned Catholics abound.

How should Catholics respond to persons who identify as transgender? How does the Church speak to a world that more and more ignores biological sexes in favor of “gender,” and which views gender as socially conditioned, malleable at will, or operating on a spectrum — rather than through the “binary” of male and female?

The gender confusion and sexual brokenness that we see all around us, in which people feel alienated from or in conflict with their bodies, is a sign of a deeply hurting world. It requires on our part a compassionate and proactive response.   read more