Letters to USD

Letters to USD

Date: Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 2:11 PM
Subject: CANCEL the DRAG SHOW !
To: president@sandiego.edu

President Harris:

This is not the time for sensitivity!

This is time to take a stand for Catholic identity!

The 5th Annual Drag Show on April 16th is an affront to Our Lord!

How can you permit this event to take place?
The drag show is the SIGNATURE event which proclaims to the world what USD stands for. Such confusion it sows…

My dear sir, I do not envy you the predicament you are in where students are making unreasonable demands. However, as long as you are IN CHARGE and because your decisions have an impact on the students’ SOULS and eternal destiny… please do not hesitate to make bargains with these kids. Make trade-offs. But ultimately, you must assume your authority and use it.

Tender souls are in danger while on your watch and God himself will hold you accountable.

Again, please do anything, compromise anything, but please do not allow this TRAGIC event to take place.

You have the power to call it off. Rome has even spoken on this issue.

What are you waiting for??


a long-standing member of the local community


To: “president@sandiego.edu” <president@sandiego.edu>
Cc: “charlesb@sandiego.edu” <charlesb@sandiego.edu>; “USDAlum@lumandri.net” <USDAlum@lumandri.net>
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 3:11 PM
Subject: Why my 4 children do not attend USD


Dear President Lyons:

My family and I are faithful Catholics who would love to be able to send our children to USD. We are successful business owners and give generously to the institutions that we believe in. It shameful that you allow scandalous activities like the Drag Show to take place on campus.

This is an affront to the teachings of our Faith. This is a direct blow to Christ’s head. Why would a Catholic university knowingly scourge Jesus?

I ask you with charity to please ask for forgiveness and stop the scandalous behavior that you have direct control over at USD.

Pax Christi,


Date: April 16, 2014, 6:49:33 PM PDT
To: “president@sandiego.edu” <president@sandiego.edu>
Subject: Drag show

I see you went ahead with another despicable “drag show.”  Shameful.  How low can you drag USD?


Date:  Sun, 6 Apr 2014 17:33:04 -0700 [04/06/2014 07:33:04 PM CDT]
To: president@sandiego.edu <president@sandiego.edu>, provost@sandiego.edu <provost@sandiego.edu>, dillaboughd@sandiego.edu <dillaboughd@sandiego.edu>, rvaldivia@diocese-sdiego.org <rvaldivia@diocese-sdiego.org>

Subject: Pray & fast for USD drag show

I pray for the souls of college men and women at USD who have no shepherd, either at school or at the diocese to displace the lies of materialism, hedonism and progressive secular socialism promoted at the the campus of USD by the administration.  May angels protect them from the prince of this world and replace the lies of USD administrators with the gift of faith and the fear of the Lord.  Send them spiritual leaders to show them the difference between what is labeled as “catholic” at USD and the one true apostolic church, which is the body of Christ.

I pray that the cross at USD become the true cross upon which our brother and redeemer King bore our sins, and not a symbol of apostasy in southern California.  I pray that the physical death of the body of Christ replace the spiritual death of a thousand cuts of sin that our children bear at USD, and that the physical resurrection of the body of Christ be a beacon of light to repair and reconcile our children to God to seek His spiritual life.

I pray that our bishop find the courage and strength to become a shepherd to students at USD to lovingly teach truth and lead the sinful and the lost back to the one true church through the door of the confessional and the sacrament of penance this Thursday.  And by his example to expose the hypocrisy of the world in those who shout hypocrite, and the prejudice of the world in those who shout bigot at the USD drag show.  I pray that USD administrators break the link to the common core of the culture of death, and repair the link to our bishop who is the common core of the culture of life in San Diego, the magisterium of the one true church.  I pray that Catholic parents support our bishop, and prayerfully and respectfully let him know their deepest desires for their children’s spiritual lives.  That Catholic education may once again be sign and a beacon of hope to all nationalities and peoples in this metropolis.

I especially pray that our children re-learn the greatest spiritual gift– the fear of the Lord, which has all but disappeared in the last two generations in our once great nation whose founders trusted in God.  Let them seek a Catholic education at USD, not propaganda and lies.  Let them experience the joy that the world cannot give as they seek God in their youth.


Date: Sat – Apr 2014

I am very pleased to see that the USD Drag Show is seen as a scandal.  It is a true affront to our Catholic beliefs, and a total embarrassment to all Christians and especially alumni.

God Bless,


Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2014 08:48:13 -0700 [04/04/2014 10:48:13 AM CDT]

To: president@sandiego.edu

Subject: Drag show, oh come on, really ?

Last night during dinner I got a call for money for USD.  I asked the student calling me to please call back later as we had just sat down
for dinner.   I was fully expecting to offer a donation as I do to the other Universities.    My daughter is a freshman at USD and has
loved her first year.

Then today I learned of the USD drag show and the openly lesbian professors indoctrinating behavior toward the normalization of
homosexuality.  Really Mary ?

While I will not pull my daughter out of your school as was my first impression, I will not recommend the school nor will I give one dime
of extra support toward USD as long as this outrageous abomination and affront to the Catholic identity of the school continues.

The place for drag and homosexuality is NOT on the Campus of USD.   You and others have the power to end it.  Simply do it.

The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read.  The problem isn’t even that Johnny can’t think.  The problem is that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling.    — Thomas Sowell


Date: April 4, 2014
Dear President Lyons and Mr. Bass,

I am a “once proud” graduate of the University of San Diego ( 1965 ). Over the years I have heard of the growing liberalism on the San Diego Campus, hence have been reluctant to contribute. I am not a rich person and my contribution would have to be small, however, I recently spoke to a young woman campaigning to raise money for the University, and she was so enthusiastic and delightful that I thought, O.K. for her benefit I will contribute. I was getting ready to make a contribution and then heard, and read about the “Drag Shows” you have been having. I was disturbed and appalled!!!

Why on Earth do you even bother to call yourselves “CATHOLIC” anymore? Over the years you have drifted away from important aspects of Catholicism as set forth in the Magisterium and Tradition so why do you even bother to consider that the University of San Diego should be referred to as Catholic? How is it Catholic? How? From the perspective of this alumna you have betrayed the Church that I dearly love. Unfortunately, you are not the only so-called “Catholic” University to do so. My daughters graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans and Georgetown…they no longer have anything to do with the Church. There was absolutely NO spiritual nurturing on those campuses either. So, IF you are not going to help the Church to grow by fostering true Catholic spirituality, and instead, stress aspects such as moral relativism, situational ethics, secular humanism, then at least have the courage to be HONEST about it, and STOP operating under illusional Catholicism.

I feel sorry for the dear, enthusiastic student who called me. What on Earth can she be learning at a University that “seems” to have betrayed its very foundation and embraced the values of a “world” which is leading us more and more into spiritual darkness.

May the good Lord have MERCY on us all.

A very sad alumna.


Date: April 4, 2014 at 9:11:04 AM CDT
Subject: drag shows

Keep up the good work,  You are representing the teachings of Jesus Christ. The drag shows are a travesty.

Date: April 4, 2014 at 11:29:01 AM CDT


Date: April 4, 2014 at 11:30:04 AM CDT
Subject: God bless your work!

Thank you for addressing this scandal.  Glory be to God!


Date: January 17, 2014, 8:46:23 PM PST
To: “president@sandiego.edu” <president@sandiego.edu>
Cc: “USDalum@limandri.net” <USDalum@limandri.net>
Subject: What happened to my Alma Mater?

Dear Dr. Lyons,

I am a graduate of USD and USD law.  I recently ran across the Alumni for a Catholic USD website and was amazed and discouraged at what has happened to the moral climate at USD.  Perhaps most discouraging are the nonchalant, condescending  responses given by you and your administration to the legitimate concerns of true Catholic students, alumni, and parents.  It appears that USD’s official position is to promote the gay agenda and is certainly not to adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  How sickening and sad that this has happened under your “leadership.”  Drag shows?  Give me a break.  How low can a once great University stoop?  It is nothing short of embarrassing.

Attorney at Law