Letters to USD – Page 10

Letters to USD – Page 10


104. —————————

I’m a law school alumnus although I’m not a Catholic. It seems to me that there should be some differences between a Catholic institution and the rest of the openly anti-Catholic/Christian/ Jewish pack that our American universities have, for the most part, morphed into. One of the differences ought to be some sense of the holiness of God and his word for mankind. I believe that applicants to the University should not be excluded for behavior that deviates from the norm or is even sinful; they should all be judged on academic merit and extracurricular achievement, So I fully expect that homosexuals, among other imperfect souls, will be at USD. After all, even the Catholic seminaries were replete with gay men until recently when the Church finally, albeit quietly, determined that the vast majority of the abusing priests were gay.

That is not to say, however, that the University’s job is to uphold, enable, or glorify non-academic student conduct that clearly deviates from God’s direction that men join with women, become fruitful, and multiply. We all fall short of God’s mercy and the Catholic and Christian message is that all who sin are welcome to seek forgiveness and salvation. But that’s not the same thing as a license to carry on without remorse or expectation of consequence. We do no favors for the sexually confounded when we substitute a human political calculation or social expedient for the greater wisdom of God. That’s what you did by accommodating these cross-dressers or whatever you choose to name them.

I pray that USD will re-examine its mission and priorities, because the role of a Catholic/Christian includes more than indiscriminate compassion and acceptance. That is moral relativism, not faith and obedience. We are not to proclaim our disobedience before God as a right and continue with the behavior that suits us, waiting for redemption to fall like rain. We are to make our ‘daily work the act of turning from our nature to God’s wisdom and love. Christ commanded no less from the woman at the well when he reminded her that though her sexual sins were forgiven her, she was to go forth and sin no more.

It doesn’t matter so much who the students are at USD but it sure matters what they hear when they get there. Not that they’ll comply or agree. But I’d like you to see that the whispered wisdom of God is unvarnished by fluid, rebellious, and inferior human concessions to compassion, and that USD at least attempts to offer the eternal alternative to the shouts of the secular and atheistic messages that inundate its students from off campus sources. This is after all the supposed role of an institution of higher learning: to be a marketplace of ideas with more than one product; to teach not just what is more complex, but what is more wise.

I’m not asking for “anti-gay” T-shirts and sermons. But neither should the University officiously insert itself as an enabler as it did here.

Best Regards,

105. —————————

Dear Dr. Lyons and Mr. Bass,

I do not know Mr. Limandri, but like him, I am an alumnus (B.A. 1985 and M.A. 1988) and my son is currently a freshman at USD. While I will not force my son to leave USD, I do object to the Drag Show and the message that it sends students and the community. As a matter of fact, my son was in Dr. Kirkley’s class in the fall semester and I had concerns about the course and open tolerance of alternative lifestyles.

Although I do not attend the Catholic church anymore, we are devout Christians and absolutely do not tolerate sinful behavior. While we love people, we cannot condone immoral behavior.

I respectfully request that USD consider more wholesome guests in the future and never allow a Drag Show again. There are Christian comedians, Christian authors, Christian speakers, Christian leaders, etc. that would be more than happy to impart their wisdom and sound morals on impressionable young people.


106. —————————

Dr. Mary Lyons, President University of San Diego

I am appalled that the University of San Diego hosted a pro-homosexual “drag show” on April 11, 2012. I respectfully urge you to stand true to your Catholic identity and put a stop to all future “drag shows” and any other event that undermines Catholic moral teaching. Thank you in advance for addressing this situation.

107. ——————————-

Dear Mr. Bass and Ms. Partynski:

I have received no unsolicited emails from Mr. LiMandri.  Mr. LiMandri is demonstrating heroic virtue, time and time again, as he courageously opposes new and extremely misguided actions by incompetent staff at USD who approved a “drag queen show” on the hallowed ground of the USD campus.  Mr. LiMandri deserves the praise of all Catholics, and much more.  He should receive medals and combat ribbons for valor, and for demonstrating the values that Catholics have always revered.  He is an exceptionally good person, and generous to a fault.  He is an exemplary alumnus, whose leadership and example are greatly appreciated by countless fellow alumni who consider him a saintly person and exemplary role model.  I hope to meet him someday, shake his hand and express my heartfelt gratitude for his efforts to save USD from satan.  Jesus said, “Get behind me, satan!”  We alumni are now saying, “Get behind me, USD!”

I know the USD campus is hallowed ground, because I was there, roasting in the hot sunlight at the groundbreaking, with my parents, and remember everything Bishop Buddy said and did that day.  I approved of what Bishop Buddy did, and decided that someday I would attend USD, which would provide the education I need for my vocation, and, more importantly, the leadership I need to grow in holiness and draw closer to God.  As it turned out, I was a very naive young girl to believe that USD would always help its Catholic students grow in holiness.

I strongly disapprove of any and all sacrilegious activities that USD  allows on this hallowed ground, including propagandizing students, many of whom are baptized Catholics carefully nurtured by Catholic families, with evil activities and leftist agendas that conflict completely with Catholic values.  Many thousands of Catholic families entrusted their sons and daughters to what they were led to believe was a Catholic university with strong Catholic values.

USD thanks generous donors by ignoring its responsibilities in a cavalier and sacrilegious manner.  Instead of leading Catholic students to a life of heroic virtue, it certainly looks like USD has sold out its values, and caved in to satan and his demons and supporters by allowing the “show,” and bombarding innocent, impressionable students with an agenda that leads them to an eternity in hell instead.

Now is the time for independent audits of all donations and investigation of all USD staff involved.  Who paid USD to sell out its Catholic values?  We need complete truth and transparency, without any more underhanded activities and lies to protect the perpetrators.  Is it true that George Soros and his agents are really calling the shots at USD?  (It looks like he may as well be.)  USD needs much more than independent audits, transparency and reform–it needs exorcists and an exorcism.

If USD refuses to exemplify Catholic values and virtues to its Catholic students, USD needs to sever all ties with the Catholic faith, including the Diocese of San Diego, which paid for years to establish a Catholic university, only to see ungrateful staff at USD trashing Catholic values.  USD has shown disloyalty and contempt for San Diego Catholics, living and dead.  If USD is unwilling to confess, repent and attempt to move toward holiness, it should at least attempt truth in advertising, by no longer characterizing itself as a Catholic university.  USD appears to be morphing into a satanic university instead.  God help us.  Thank you for your consideration.

Another incensed, appalled and outraged alumna,

108. ——————————-

Dear Mr. Bass and Ms. Partynski,

Please be assured that I not only do not regret, but am grateful for Mr. LiMandri’s email.  I’m grateful for his courageous and articulate stand for decency.  I have no information about what resources Mr. LiMandri may have used for his email.  But it seems to me that all alumni should have the freedom to contact one another, especially on such important University topics.  The prohibition of improper use of the directory should be directed to non-University or commercial activities, none of which was implicated here.

I am respectful for those with different points of view.  I’m disappointed that as representatives of the entire Alumni Association that you would take sides on this important issue and express regret over Mr. LiMandri’s email.  Perhaps rather than implying wrongdoing by Mr. LiMandri or siding against him or anyone in this matter, the Alumni Association could and should use its resources to foster forums where all voices can be heard in healthy, respectful and  civil discourse and debate, Mr. LiMandri’s and those who disagree with him.


109. ——————————–

I for one had no problem with being contacted by Mr. LiMandri, and in fact was pleased that he brought the “Drag Show” at USD to my attention, despite my dismay to learn that such an event was scheduled to take place at what purports to be a Catholic institution.  I do however take issue with being contacted by a USD representative just this past weekend soliciting a donation to the school.  As I advised President Lyons when I wrote her to express my disapproval and disappointment that USD was hosting this morally questionable display, I will no longer provide any financial support to the University or its’ athletic programs as I have done periodically so long as the institution continues to foster activities that run counter to my understanding of Catholic values in the guise of openness and/or diversity.


(USD Law ’81)

110. —————————–

I appreciate Mr. LiMandri and his effort to promote the true mission of USD. I was APPAULED at what I learned. When I further contacted the university to express my feelings on the matter, and spoke with someone on president’s office, I was even more upset to learn the university could care less about what we thought.

The University was founded In Roman Catholic principles. Bishop Buddy would never allow such an abomination at USD.  Mother Lorch would be shocked. Yet here it is – a mockery of Catholic teaching. And an administration that would betray us all.

111. ———————————

Mr. Bass and Ms. Partynski,

I did not receive an email from Charles LiMandri.  But I know of Mr. LiMandri. He is an accomplished jurist, an advocate for those whose constitutional rights have been violated, and a man of deep faith.  I hope the university is proud of his accomplishments.  They certainly reflect well on the university.

For the record, I do not consider it “improper” for one alumni to notify their fellow alumni when the university leadership is abusing its authority and making decisions in conflict with the university’s Catholic mission.  In fact, I can not think of a more appropriate use of the alumni email directory.

Would you be so kind as to send me subscription information for Mr. LiMandri’s listserv?


USD School of Law, ’01

112. ———————

Dear Mr. Limandri:

As a 2000 USD LLM graduate, I applaud your efforts to have the school stop the insanity of supporting any act as contrary to morals as a drag show. While in this day and age it is becoming increasingly hard to condemn or try to ignore homosexuality, and one now has to learn to live with the reality of its existence, I feel that the school’s allowing and supporting a drag show is completely inappropriate.

I live in Mexico City now and there is an alumni reunion going on May 3rd. The drag show should be brought to the attention of all attendees. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, but I hope you can contact the persons organizing the reunion and make them aware of the current situation at USD, which is completely contrary to what a center for higher education, much less a catholic and private one, should represent.

113. ———————

Dear Mr. Bass,

I received the email from Mr. LiMandri and was glad for the very important information, information that should have come directly from USD. As alumni, we should have been informed of anti-Catholic activities being held on our beloved campus. His email was a welcome one; however, I am greatly disturbed that my email of concern to you (sent April 12) had no response. When I saw this email, I had hoped it was a response to my concerns or that you would be acknowledging the many emails you have received in opposition to this event that is against Catholic teaching. Instead, a devoted and caring alumni is publicly admonished.

I am truly heartbroken that I can no longer recommend USD to potential students as I have great love for my alma mater. I have suspended my participation as a board member of my alumni group and will plan on reallocating my planned donation to the university. I will continue my prayers for the students, faculty, and staff of USD and very much hope that a culture in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church will be fostered in the future

Most Sincerely,

114. ———————

Mr. Bass:

Your email to me regarding “this matter” presumes that I would be offended by the message sent by a USD alum to USD alums regarding USD’s Drag Queen Show – a matter of common interest to USD alums. Your presumption that I would be offended and that you needed to apologize is in itself offensive because you presume that I support USD’s sponsorship of such a “show.”

I welcomed the important message from my classmate, Mr. LiMandri. If I were a contributor to the University, I would send an email telling you that I will stop supporting the University as long as it persists in sponsoring events and faculty who do not support and defend the Church’s teachings. But I have not contributed, so I can’t.

Sadly, I see my alma mater going the way of other, so-called ?Catholic? universities in this country. Why this trend persists is, in my opinion, more likely due to a lazy bending to the winds of progressive relativism than a principled response to serious questions, honestly asked, about moral doctrine. I reject that trend and will give my support to truly Catholic institutions. I will, however, pray for the enlightenment of USD?s leadership and the reform of her wayward faculty.

115. ———————

Mr. Bass and Ms. Partynski ,

On the contrary, I was very glad to receive the email from Mr. LiMandri. It confirmed for me that other alumni are as distressed, dismayed and disgusted about the charade USD is indulging in, by calling itself a Catholic institution while actively attacking the Faith of the Catholic students there. His email reassured me that at least some of us escaped USD with our faith intact.

If I had not already registered my strong protest regarding the drag show, I would have been even more grateful to Mr. LiMandri for alerting me to this travesty.

Please note that I consider Mr. LiMandri?s sharing of his concerns an eminently worthy use of the contact information in the alumni directory. I am in fact disappointed that you did not feel that this explosively controversial situation was important enough to let members of the alumni know, and form their own opinions on the matter.

We as a Catholic family tithe 10% of our income, and approximately 10-15% of that amount is donated to Catholic universities. Regrettably, we have not been able to give a penny to USD because of the decidedly non-Catholic and even anti-Catholic nature of the activities, faculty, and official announcements of the University. Our money will continue to support authentic Catholic education at institutions like Christendom, Thomas Aquinas College, Thomas More College, Ave Maria University and Wyoming Catholic College. I urge you to investigate their programs and commitment to the True Faith and begin to emulate them there at USD.

We will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will facilitate USD?s return to honest Catholic education.

God bless,

116. ———————

Dear Charles Bass and Mary Lyons,

I was contacted by Mr. LiMandri and was grateful that he reached out to fellow alumni. I was both shocked and saddened to learn that USD would allow a drag show on campus in the guise of presenting other perspectives and viewpoints.

Parents and students choose a Catholic university like USD with the intention that they will receive a predominately Catholic perspective there. A course on other perspectives can present this lifestyle without promoting it. It is my opinion that by providing the space and advertisement (allowing posters) for a drag show on campus, the university did indirectly promote this perspective. As an alumna associated with the university, I am ashamed.

Apparently, USD has grown too far from what it used to be when I attended that university. I have proudly displayed my USD window decal since graduating in 1988 and have frequently supported your annual campaign. However, the administration and board will have to show greater prudence in presenting “other viewpoints” before I will support USD again. A public apology letter at the minimum is what I feel is necessary.


117. ———————

Mr. Bass and USD Administration:


I SUPPORT Mr. Charles LiMandri position. USD has made a very stupid and insulting action. DON’T BLAME Mr. Charles LiMandri. Your administration has begun to erode the morals and ethics that USD has stood for. DON’T TRY AND COVER UP YOUR F____G MISTAKES AND DON’T ASK FOR ALUMNI MONEY.



Please forward photos of your “GALA” event. I have contacted many of the alumni students and parents. They cant wait to see what their hard paid tuition money is going to buy at USD. USD actually paid for a Transvestite Master of Ceremonies????

I cant wait till the news media gets ahold of this CRAP …….”HOLD ON TO YOUR LUGNUTS….”

118. ———————

Mr. LiMandri,

While I am sure you are being bombarded with harsh responses to your enlightening email, let me simply say thank you
for bringing a serious concern before the alums of USD. I can only be hopeful for the direction that USD will take in
the future, knowing that God is in charge of His church and His educational institutions. In the meantime, I will be praying for you and your family to continue to “fight the good fight” with courage and knowing that it is God who provides opportunities to deliver truth to others in love.

Through His Grace,

119. ———————


I agree with your cause. At one time USD was considered a great university, that presented/taught values, ethics and morals to their students. NOW look at USD.

This just shows that USD is becoming a toilet to be used by “transvestite wanna be’s” and sexual deviants. If this is the direction that USD is headed  its time for the alumni to turn its back and stop its financial contributions.