Letters to USD – Page 3

Letters to USD – Page 3

Dear President Lyons,

Being a graduate of USD (class of 1984) and Catholic, I am writing to
express my displeasure and sadness learning about the Drag Show which is to
be held next week at USD.

I pray for you and the members of faculty who are supporting this event as
well as those who are in the show. I hope you will consider the damage it
would do to all these souls as the President (shepherd) of this beautiful
and privileged university.

Have a blessed Easter!

Respectfully yours,

28. ——————

Dear President Lyons:

I am an USD alumni, undergrad 1989, MBA 1992 and JD 1992.  Also I have
been an Adjunct Prof. of Law for USD Law School since 2000.  I am
writing to you to express my dismay that USD is allowing the Drag
Queen show to take place on campus.  I simply think that the show is
in bad taste.  It is one thing to allow certain events on campus in
order to expose the students to different ideas and concepts; but for
a Catholic university to allow the Drag Queen show on campus, it just
sends a confusing and conflicting message to the students and the
community at large.  Does USD  stand for Catholic values and
traditions or does it not.  If it doesn’t and it is basically a free
for all , then let’s stop pretending USD is a Catholic university.
However, if USD wants to remain firmly tied to its roots then let’s
use some discretion and not have such events on campus.  I would feel
the same way if some other student group on campus wanted to hold a
similar type function.  Let me be clear, I am not against the groups
attempting to hold these events, I am against what may actually happen
at these events and how it reflects on USD’s core values.  For
example, let’s assume that there was a KKK group on campus and they
wanted to hold a slave auction on campus to celebrate their views and
“educate the public” about their heritage. I would also view this
event as in bad taste, contrary to USD’s core values and thus not be
allowed on campus.  Now I understand that this is an extreme example,
however, once the administration allows certain events on campus it
will not be able to restrict other such events from occurring.   The
administration needs to retain some control on what occurs on campus.
If Pride wants to have a Drag Queen show let them have it off campus.
Thank you for your time.

29. ——————

Is USD not on Holy Ground?  Did its founders not dedicate it to holy purposes?
What is this insanity and affront to God you are purporting to do in
the name of

It is difficult to believe that you can profess Christ with your mouth
and serve Satan
with your conduct?

It is a sad day when we cannot assume a Catholic University will not engage in
promoting perversion and exposing our children to what we would never
permit at home.

I pray that you will turn from your wicked and misguided intentions.
Luke 17:2 Shame on
your for calling yourself an educator, you are an indoctrinator of the

30. ——————

I am sorry to have forward this on such a holy weekend, but time is
short for action.  My dear Protestant friends, when one of our family
members is under attack we all are and I hope  you will read the
following and take action to protest this abomination on what was
consecrated Holy Ground
the founding of the University of San Diego.  Please keep this issue
in your prayer intentions and take a moment to write…see the links.

Jesus our Lord, have mercy on us all and bring conviction and
repentance to the heart of Mary Lyons.

31. ——————

Dear President Lyons,

I am the mother of five children; one  is currently a Rhodes Scholar
in Oxford and the youngest is a junior at Coronado High School.  I
would be mortified if my children were students at USD.  My daughter
Megan was  President of UCI Student Body for two years under
Chancellor Michael Drake.  At UCI they worked to support the student
body and stand up for common decency and educational values.  Why is
USD allowing entertainment to spiral down to a guttural level?  It is
very objectionable to Catholics.

My husband and I sold our home in Alpine to the Diocese of San Diego
at a discounted price so that Rev. Matthew Spahr could have housing in
Alpine while the new parish at Queen of Angels was being constructed.
We are supporters of the Diocese!  USD does not appear to be a
Catholic Institution or one that the Diocese leaders, i.e. parish
priests in San Diego, can promote to families as a university that
promotes Catholic values.  It is a shame.

I will pray for your leadership to align itself with a morality model
that is appropriate for a Catholic institution of higher learning.


32. ——————

Dear Dr. Lyons:

A Drag show at USD?  REALLY?

One would think that with so many Catholic universities committing
public relations blunders recently, this sort of thing would be out
of the question!  Seriously, Dr. Lyons, the word is getting out
about colleges like USD, Georgetown and the like and the word is
that parents are spending thousands of dollars to educate their kids
in colleges that are Catholic In Name Only.  Do you want the
perpetuation of that perception to be part of your legacy?

I strongly encourage you to re-embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ
and let go of the gospel of Political Correctness.  Show us some
leadership and cancel this disgraceful display of Perversion
Tolerated and Approved.

Best wishes,

33. ——————-

Dear President Lyons,

My wife and I reside in San Diego and have 11 children. USD is one of
the universities our children had been considering. As devout
Catholics it’s disappointing to hear about USD allowing a drag show.
If this is the environment the university is advocating, there is no
chance any of my children will be attending USD.

The university, and yourself, have a moral obligation to ensure the
students attending USD are properly taught their faith, and instilled
with Catholic values. Allowing a drag show undermines the Catholic
charter, and leads astray the children put in your care.

We will pray that you have the courage to reverse this decision, and
send a clear message to your students, and the community, that USD
will proudly demonstrate it’s Catholic values!

God Bless.