Letters to USD – Page 4

Letters to USD – Page 4

35. —————–


I am an alumnus, Class of 62, my late wife was an Alumna, Class of 64,
we were recepients of the Bishop Buddy Award in 1988 and we have 3
children who graduated from USD.  In addition, I servered on the
National Alumni Board, we were presidents of the USD Parents
Association, members of the Dean’s Council for the School of
Education, a founding member and Chairman of the Planned Giving
Committee and current member of the 50th class reunion for the
upcoming Homecoming. I cannot believe that you are condoning and
permitting a drag show to be held on campus.  This is an absolute
contradiction to all that the Catholic Church holds sacred.  It is
time that USD returned to its Catholic tradition.  I strongly urge you
to cancel this abominable event.

36. —————–

Dear President Lyons,

I am writing as a Catholic San Diegan concerned about USD’s hosting of a
drag show.  My niece and nephew graduated from USD and I have attended many
beautiful Masses at Founder’s Chapel, athletic events at JC, and even made a
couple of presentations to a seminar at the Law School.  USD advertises
itself as a Catholic University.  As its President you have an obligation to
be faithful to that call.  Allowing the University to host an event that
makes a mockery of the Church’s teaching is, to put it quite simply, wrong.
Please do not kid yourself that USD is just being “open” to other
viewpoints.  Would you allow USD to host an event sponsored by a racist
organization?  What about an event that suggested mercy killing of old
people?  I sincerely hope not.  Then, why is the hosting of a “drag” event
permitted?  The Church’s teaching on sexuality is the beautiful Truth.
Celebrating sin in the guise of promoting “acceptance” does a disservice to
USD, to the Church, and to yourself.   If you are not confident enough to be
a real Catholic leader in a Catholic University, what hope do you hold for
your students who go out into the secular world?  Show some backbone and
leadership and simply say no:  “USD is a Catholic University with a Cross in
our logo, and while we don’t require students or faculty to be Catholic, we
also don’t allow our campus to be used to promote a lifestyle that is
contrary to the Church’s teaching.”  If the students protest, great.  It is
opportunity for a straight up dialogue about what it means to be a Catholic
University.   I am praying for you and for USD.  Please do the right thing.
If you don’t have the courage to do so, then at least be courageous enough
to quit calling USD a Catholic University.


37. ——————


My Husband and I were shocked to hear that a Drag show was being allowed on
the campus of USD, a beautiful Catholic University.

Please cancel this show.  It is contrary to the Catholic church and it’s
beliefs.  It is easy to fall into the ways of this world and it takes guts
to stand up for and be strong in your faith.  Please have the guts to put
an end to this and all things that promote and lead the kids at
your Catholic University away from the ways of God.


38. —————–

Dear Ms. Lyons,
Greetings. I am a graduate of Oxford University and Notre Dame Law
School. As a faithful Catholic, I am horrified that your
university–which is supposed to be Catholic–will host a drag show,
which will only affirm a lifestyle that the Church has taught is
“inherently disordered.” Promoting such a lifestyle is directly
contrary to Catholic teaching, encourages students to embrace actions
morally and spiritually harmful, and causes scandal to the faithful.

Please cancel this show.

39. ——————

Dear President Lyons:

I would like to add my voice to those other USD alumni opposing the  “drag
day” scheduled for 4/11/12.

I am a graduate of Georgetown University, C’61 and USD Law School,  C’64.
I am also a GU/USD donor.  I wrote a letter to  the President of GU
protesting the “covering up” of a background religious  symbol prior
to a speech by
president BHO on campus.  He never  replied.  GU also has a PRIDE group on
campus.  I realize  that GLTG students exist on every campus and are entitled
to express their  views.  However, scheduling a “drag day” at any Catholic
University  appears to me to be contrary to the Christian values upon which
those  institutions were founded.  I’m sure Bishop Buddy and Archbishop John
Carroll would agree with me.

I urge you to cancel this event at USD.


40. ——————-

President Mary Lyons,

It is quite plain to see that you do not have The Spirit of CHRIST in you.

In case you have not noticed the Devout Catholics have awakened!

They are protesting you and your kind who follow Saten in All Catholic

You do not reflect the Vision of the Holy Roman Catholic Church which
was created by our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ!

We see you for what you are…an agent of the Devil.

It has been warned by many Mystics that this would follow. But Woe to
you who help the Devil lead many souls to Hell. Because of you many
are damned. There is still time to return to Christ.

Repent or Please RESIGN Immediately!

41. ——————–

Mary Lyons, President
We just received an email regarding the drag  show being planned for
USD students on 4/11/12.  We are the proud  parents of a USD graduate
daughter ( who also met her husband there and was  married in Founders
Chapel) and are writing to implore you to  STOP THIS AFRONT TO
President of this university YOU CAN MAKE THIS POSSIBLE.  We beg you to be
faithful to your  calling to enrich the lives of the students
entrusted to your
care–to foster  their Faith and belief in God, to continue to be the
landmark Catholic  University in southern CA. We pray that you are
open to the power of Our Risen Lord and  PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING.

Sincerely in Christ,

42. ———————

Holy Saturday, 2012

Dear President Mary Lyons,

No words can express my shock and dismay over the planned drag show
next week at
USD. Christ suffered and died for sins such as those that will be exposed and
celebrated during this “entertainment”.

The nails that ripped Christ’s hands and feet and the thorns that pierced his
precious head were in reparation for these and other sins. He
withstood vicious
lashes at the pillar where he was scourged and took on our sins. Is this the
thanks he gets? Could the sins of today have increased his suffering
then? Could
the prevention of sins committed today lessen his suffering then? In some
mysterious way, I think so.

If consideration for Christ’s suffering isn’t sufficient, then
consider your own
responsibility for your soul and the souls of those who attend this event and
participate in it. In Saint Paul’s letter to the Romans (Rom. 1:26-28, 32)
regarding homosexual activity it says something to be considered very
“ . . . Though they know God’s decree that those who do such things
deserve to
die, they not only do them but approve those who practice them.”

In 1Corinthians he also warns that homosexual sins are one of the sins
that will
deprive one of salvation.  (1Cor. 6—10).
Ms. Lyons, you do not know how soon you will be held accountable
before God for
permitting this show.

Your website states:
“As the foundation of the university, USD’s Catholic identity shapes
the service
and education opportunities that encourage the holistic growth of our

How could an event like this that celebrates homosexual acts which Sacred
Scripture calls “acts of grave  depravity”  and Church tradition  has always
considered intrinsically disordered, live up to this statement?**

USD is known as a Catholic University. You are responsible for keeping it
authentically Catholic, not some misshapen idea of what others might want
Catholicism to be.  For all or some of the reasons given above, please
reconsider. I will be praying for you to have the strength to do what is right
by cancelling this scandalous show.


**2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who
experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the
same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in
different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained.
Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of
grave depravity,141 tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are
intrinsically disordered.”142 They are contrary to the natural law. They close
the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine
and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved
(Catechism of the Catholic Church).

43. ——————-
Hello Mary and Charles,
A Catholic University is not the place for a drag show.  The red light
district is the place for the drag show.  Please reconsider.  This
course of action is not good for the school.