Letters to USD – Page 6

Letters to USD – Page 6

54. ———–

President Lyons:

Please, please cancel the drag Queen performance scheduled for April
11th.  It will cause great scandal for our Youth as well as our
Church.  I would hope,  of all places,  a Catholic University would
uphold Catholic church teachings,  and am very disappointed for
families and students who chose this school precisely for that reason
along with it’s outstanding academic program.

Yours in Christ,

55. ———————

Respectfully to all,

I’m disgusted at this “Drag Event” to be held in direct conflict with
Catholic teaching. Are you or are you not a Catholic University? For
folks like yourselves in a position to spread the Catholic faith
truthfully I can only question your leadership position. I suppose
it’s easier for you to follow the Politically Correct disorder than
defend our Catholic Faith.

In Christ our Lord,

56. ———————-

Dear Mary,

Why would you allow a drag show at USD, a Catholic University?

Please cancel the April 11, 2012 Drag Show.


57. ———————-

Good Afternoon Msgr Dillabough,

I am an alumnus of the University and am very involved with the young adult
community of the diocese. I am curious as to *your* thoughts regarding the
anti-Catholic agenda that seems to be permeating campus activity. I pray
that the University Ministry community can shine some light on the
situation and open the hearts of those involved who appear to disrespect or
misunderstand the authentic orthodox teachings of the magisterium of the
Catholic Church, upon which USD was founded and should continue. Thank you
for your time and thoughts.

In Christ,

58. ———————-

President Lyons,

Over the years since I’ve graduated, I’ve seen the University of San Diego,
which I felt blessed to attend, fall farther and farther away from the
orthodox values of the Catholic Church. This morning I received word of a
“Drag Show” occurring at the university on April 11th. This is
unacceptable. I am disgusted. I pray that you will open your heart to
restoring the understanding of the dignity of human sexuality within the
USD community. Until USD is CATHOLIC again, I will continue to refrain from
donating as an alumni, and I will continue to express my disappointment
toward the university with the practicing Catholic community around the
dioceses of San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles.


59. ———————

Dear Dr. Lyons and Mr. Bass,

We are saddened by the position of USD’s administration to permit a
drag show which goes contrary to Catholic teaching on the dignity of
the human person.    USD should be promoting the beautiful and wise
teaching of Holy Mother Church, not doing the total contrary!  As a
former member of the Student Alumni Association under the leadership
of Dr. Hughes and Mr. Trifelleti, I am deeply disappointed in USD’s
the administrations lack of concern expressed by alums who value the
Catholic education we earned at USD.  Please know if this show goes on
we will not consider contributing to USD, will not permit any of our
six children to consider it as an option for undergraduate or graduate
degrees, and not participating in any USD administration alumni
functions.  A thoughtful response would be appreciated.


60. ——————–

Dear President Lyons and Director Bass,

Christ’s peace for a joyous Easter season!

As Blessed (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta reminds us, God expects not our
success, but our faithfulness.  With these words of wisdom in mind, I pray
that you will make the decision to be faithful to the Catholic Church and
its teachings and cancel the event of April 11th, Drag Queen Parade.  I
especially pray to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, who was an honored guest at
your campus, to intercede for you in this decision and to take her example
of standing up to the pressure from the world with simple obedience to God.

May God who loves you infinitely, be your light in this decision before you,

God bless you,

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

61. ———————

Please cancel the pro-homosexual “drag show” on April 11….This is an
embarrassment and a scandal for a “Catholic” university to be involved
in…Please, for the love of decency….Thank you…

62. ———————

Dear Ms. Lyons,

My husband, a graduate of USD (91) and I chose the USD Founders Chapel as
the site of our Marriage 18 years ago. We chose it because it was a sacred
place, a holy ground for this amazing vocation and sacrament. We are blessed
in our marriage, as was my husband in his education at USD. We are Catholics
and we are proud to live out the whole faith. We have heard of many secular
events, some contradictory to our faith that USD sponsors, but this latest
show is absolutely repulsive.  During Holy week, my husband and I watched
the Passion of the Christ.  One cannot separate the reality that Christ, in
his great love for us, was tortured and scourged, tempted by Satan and then
crucified for all of our sins and His great love for us as individual
persons.  He said yes willingly, to all of this so that we, you and I, can
have eternal life. with him in heaven.  How can you, in good conscience,
allow this event that clearly mocks God and his natural law, the goodness of
the human body.

Please consider that you are not supporting our faith in good taste. There
are plenty of opportunities on the internet for students to view this kind
of entertainment. Do not make the mistake of luring students to immorality.
You are a Catholic University, teach pride of our faith..teach pride of our
gospel.teach pride of our holy mass..Teach our faith, not a contemporary
watered down version.  Our young people deserve this.  Our young minds
deserve to know the love of Christ.. You will not accomplish this at your
drag show..Our faith has lasted 2000 years because we are not willing to be
molded by society.  You are caving in to our society’s “norms” which, in my
opinion, are far from normal.  I feel that you are giving the opportunity
for more scandal within our Catholic Church and I find that inexcusable.

I sincerely pray that our Lord’s peace and love provides clear insight to
all involved in the planning and execution of this event.

May His will always be done

63. ——————

Are you kidding? This is the most disgusting act I have witnessed against
the Church you represent. You are supposed to be acting in good faith to be
role models for the young men and women you serve at USD. You need to put a
stop to this and stand up to the radical groups who are crying for equal
rights and diversity. What about the hundreds of faithful Catholics on
campus? What an embarrassment to all alumni.

Mrs. Lyons, you do have the power to put an end to anti-Catholic behavior.
As an alumni (’93), I am very disappointed at what you are allowing to
happen at a “Catholic” college. I stopped giving to my alma mater years ago
due this type of behavior which goes directly in the face of my faith. I
will be praying for you both and that God sheds his Light upn you during
this Easter season.

64. ——————-

I am so very disappointed that USD is hosting a Drag Show on campus.   As
an alumni of the school, I cannot believe this is so.  This show is in
direct conflict with the teachings of the Catholic faith, a faith
which, when I
was a student there, was cultivated and demonstrated in the philosophy of
the  school under President Hughes.  USD is still a Catholic University in
name  and I had hoped it was not in name only.  To the public eye, and
to those
of us who attended the school, having this show on campus demonstrates
that the  Catholic church is ambivalent about their stand on
homosexuality.  It
dilutes Catholic values and is an insult to those of us for whom USD is
alma  mater.  Please take this opportunity to cancel this show, to take a
stand  and to make those of us who graduated from USD proud to call this our

65. ——————-

Dear President Lyons —

When I attended USD back in the late ’80s, I was proud to say I was
receiving a higher education at a Catholic university. After hearing
about the many “un-Catholic” events taking place on your campus —
reaching a pinnacle with the recent plan of the drag queen show — I
am wondering why USD continues to hold onto its Catholic roots.

If it is about money, then you can be sure you will not receive
another dollar from my pocket. I support authentic Christian
organizations, and obviously USD is not walking the walk, but rather
just talking the talk.

In addition, I will not be promoting my once-proud position of my
Catholic alma-mater to those in the community and abroad. After all,
that would be false advertising.

I pray you will take time to connect with the Holy Spirit, which
Christ left for us to help discern and direct our paths. The decisions
of a few can effect the lives of many.

Praying for you..