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October 25, 2022

Sexuality and Gender

October 21, 2022

Catholic University of San Diego defies Vatican by holding another drag show on campus

October 5, 2022

Cardinal Arinze Explains Why Belgian Bishops Cannot Bless Same-Sex Couples

September 24, 2022

False Shepherds | Leading the Sheep Astray

Fr. Gerald E. Murray The Flemish-speaking bishops of Belgium have issued a so-called blessing service for the union of homosexual couples. This imposture is obviously in complete contradiction to […]
July 14, 2022

Pope Francis Condemns the ‘Evil’ of Gender Theory

April 29, 2022

Cardinal Müller: Transgender ideology is ‘self-mutilation,’ promoting it is a ‘serious sin’

April 18, 2022

‘No one’ is transgender, Virginia bishop says: ‘A truth reflected in every cell of the body’

April 18, 2022

A Catechesis on the Human Person and Gender Ideology

April 12, 2022

10 Key Takeaways From the Vatican’s New Instruction on Catholic Education