November 22, 2022

Male Who Got Trounced on Boys’ Cross Country Team Switches to Girls’ Team, Smokes the Competition

November 14, 2022

Detransitioner Chloe Cole Announces Intent To Sue Kaiser Permanente For ‘Experimental’ Hormones And Surgery

November 11, 2022

I needed love. I needed support. I needed somebody to hear me out and not just tell me what I wanted to hear

November 9, 2022

Operating On Healthy Bodies Defies Surgical Ethics, And Trans People Are No Exception

October 29, 2022

The Formative Years

October 29, 2022

Protesters clash with supporters at drag queen event billed as featuring 11-year-old performer

October 21, 2022

California Attacks Parents’ Rights Under the Guise of Medical Care

October 19, 2022

Truth is the Telos of a Catholic University

October 14, 2022

Director of Boston Children’s Gender Clinic Says Puberty Blockers Cause Infertility, Are Given Out ‘Like Candy’

September 29, 2022

Parents raise concerns about Halloween flyer shared on School District platform

September 29, 2022

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly oppose letting teachers indoctrinate kids with LGBT agenda – LifeSite

September 9, 2022

Urge the U.S. Department of Education to Respect Life and Liberty in Title IX

September 2, 2022

The U.K. Turns Its Back on Transgender Ideology

August 30, 2022

As a doctor and dad, I am ashamed by how horribly my field mistreats kids with ‘gender-affirming’ therapies

August 30, 2022

Catholic university criticized for new ‘gender inclusive’ guide ‘fundamental’ to school’s mission: ‘Shameful’

August 30, 2022

What Do ‘Men Give Birth’ and ‘Defund the Police’ Have in Common?

August 25, 2022

Meet the 80-Year-Old Woman Who Refused to Shower With a Man

August 24, 2022

Pediatricians Respond to HHS Assistant Secretary Levine: Gender Transition Surgeries are Harmful to Kids | American College of Pediatricians

August 24, 2022

Did the AAP Just Reverse Its Gender-Transition Policy?

August 16, 2022

The Erosion of Truth